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Slave Code – The Hidden Mind Program Inside The Language

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By Jason Christoff

Work week = work weak. Weekend = weakened. So you arrive “weakened” to your “weekend” from your work week, because the work made you weak.

A break is called a break, during your slave filled day, because most slaves would “break” without the break. Our slave masters know this and provide the break because it helps produce more milk from the human cattle. The original break of course given to a slave came when they passed out from complete exhaustion or actually died. The slave owner would say he’s broke, broken or taking a permanent break.

You get up to the morning, but mourning is a form of sorrow or grieving. You say “hello” as you arrive but why is our greeting “hell-low”? Why is “hell” a part of our greeting?

Why do other words referring to hot places surround us like “hotmail” (hot-male) or firefox. Who is the historical hot male? (aka…..the devil……which is the word “lived” spelled backwards).

You get up in the morning (mourning) to earn a living but earn is also “urn”, a vessel to keep the cremated ashes of your body.

You wake from your slumber with coffee, the same prefix used in the word coffin, Egyptian in origin, originally spelled KAffee or KAffin, KA meaning the spirit after death.

You go to your job but Job in the bible is a man who is heavily tormented by God. Job in the bible has his wealth, health and children stolen from him by Satan but Satan was given permission by God to do so. Why is our work (our job) literally named after a man (Job) who has is health, children and wealth taken away?

You obey the watch to arrive on time because the watch is designed to be the watcher or the new cracker of the whip. The watch watches you and signifies the wrist chain worn by someone who isn’t in control of their time. With so many slaves and less slave owners, how can the slave master guarantee the slaves arrive to work on time? Leave it to the watch to crack the whip and get the slaves moving from their sleep and to keep them on schedule during the day.

Why is work spelled wor-k, where wor is pronounced “war” and k represents the 11th letter of the alphabet, meaning “the spirit after death” in several ancient languages.

The neck tie was originally designed to signify the dog collar or neck chain, meaning being owned and controlled by someone else. The slave can only pick the color and quality of their tie but can never choose to be free of the tie around their neck. Most people at work have a title. Title is really TIE-TELL, the symbolism of how your title tells others who you are tied to. Your TIE-TELL signifies who controls the tie (dog collar) around your neck and who will yank on that chain if you don’t obey. You arrive on time.

The word time is ti-me or tie-me……..tie me to the chains so the work can begin, the tie around the neck, the choke collar.. The cuff links represent the hand cuffs or links of another slavery based chain around the wrist yet if they’re made from gold, we think we’re free.

We lie to ourselves because lying is a word that means “we lie down”, submitting to our slavery, instead of standing up to slave master. We have exchanged our chains of cast iron for chains of gold. Master rewards my slavery and gives me some things to decorate my slave based existence.

I’m not a slave because master lets me drive a fancy car to the plantation. Master takes about half of my wages to build the roads so everyone can get to the plantation. A wage is also a word for “a bet” (a wager) and master bets you never figure any of this out.

During conventional slavery, the slave owner had to incur all costs including housing, health care, food, cleaning of the slave quarters, clothing, birthing of the child slaves, raising the child slaves, transportation of the slaves back and forth from work, slave entertainment, schooling of the new slave children to be good slaves etc etc.

A slave owner’s profit was always revenue minus expenses. The big trick was to tell the slaves that they were free, let them pay all those expenses, allow them to come back to the plantations and then to tax them (theft) to actually make more profit compared to the original slavery concept, with little to no chance of rebellion or resistance.

Master said you could have a car and drive anywhere in the country you wanted, but the car just sits in the drive way right…….. because how far can you go when master never pays you enough to take more than a one night break? All taxation is meant to increase a slave’s dependence on their slavery, as the people taking the tax away from the slaves print the money themselves and therefore don’t have any use for it.

Taxation is about keeping the slave down….ONLY. The people who print the money, have no use for extra fake paper money, which they can print at anytime and in any quantity they desire. The entire drive of the tax system is to make sure the slave has no extra money or time, as to provide them with enough freedom to figure any of this out.

Slavery wasn’t abolished. Everyone was tricked into becoming a slave and believing they’re free. Video below explains how this trick was accomplished.

It’s time to wake up, Neo!

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