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5 Practices That Will Improve Your Mental Health

by consciousreminder
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by Finnegan Pierson,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

You already know the importance of taking good care of yourself physically, but what are you doing to nurture your mental health?

A few simple practices that you put into action each day, or when you start to feel overwhelmed, can go a long way toward relieving your stress and helping you feel calmer and capable of tackling any challenge.

Use Aromatherapy

Lighting a fragrant candle in the room, diffusing essential oil, or adding a few drops of your favorite oil to a warm and relaxing bath can instantly uplift your mood and allow you to find some relief.

Young Living Essential oils are perfect for the job. Lavender is a go-to favorite to create a sense of calm or help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Or, a citrus oil can stimulate your mind and senses and revitalize you with clarity and energy so you can finish your tasks for the day. Try a few different oils until you find a favorite, or mix a few into a custom blend.

Talk About What You’re Feeling

Keeping your feelings and worries bottled up inside will lead to a deteriorating mood and potential outburst of emotions later down the road. It’s best to find a way to let it all out.

Speak with a trusted friend that you are comfortable with or seek out a therapist. They can give you a different perspective and aid you in sorting through your feelings. Journaling each day is also helpful. The simple act of sharing what you are feeling, even if it’s through pen and paper, can provide you with valuable insights to make sense of complex problems so you can find valid solutions. You may also find that once you release them, they lose their intensity and no longer hold as much power.

Get Some Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to both physical problems and mental stagnation. Getting in some kind of activity each day is a wonderful way to release stress and work through any problems that you have been keeping hidden. Exercise has been proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and give you a boost of endorphins for a quick mood lift.

Regular mental exercise is just as important as physical movement. Keep your brain active and ready for anything by indulging in some puzzles or brain teasers. You will take your mind off of any lingering worries by switching your focus onto a new topic, and also build mental strength and endurance.

Make Time for a Favorite Hobby

Sometimes life can get stuck into a routine, and a little of the joy of living can start to dim. When you notice that you’ve been feeling down and not as enthused about things that normally make you happy, you should take time for yourself.

Allow yourself at least one night during the week or a few hours on the weekend to rediscover your interests. Pick up a beloved hobby that you haven’t devoted enough time to lately or try something completely new. Let yourself enjoy your life, even in little ways, and you’ll soon find that your missing spark begins to return.

Practice Forgiveness and Gratitude

Everyone goes through experiences that take a toll on their mental wellness. Whether you had a fight with a family member or had a problem at work, it can be tough to let go and move on. However, holding on to those feelings of anger or embarrassment won’t do you any favors.

Learn from past mistakes and forgive yourself and any others for their part in what happened. Make the decision to release any grudges and instead focus on all the amazing things you have in your life that you are grateful for. With a little practice, it will become second nature to let go of negativity and focus on the positives.

If you neglect your mental health, your overall wellbeing will suffer. Treat yourself kindly and devote some self-care energy to alleviate your mental worries. With time, you will start to recognize the signs of emotional overload and be able to implement a go-to technique to ease your anxiety.

About the Author: Finnegan Pierson is an avid outdoor enthusiast and freelance writer. He enjoys writing about sustainability, eco-friendly behaviors, and local travel. He loves to meditate, and spend time with his family.

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