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Capricorn New Moon Rising January 2nd For A Fresh New Start Of 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

2022 might start off at a sluggish pace because of the Venus Retrograde and the later Mercury retrograde.

However, the New Moon will gently remind us to freshen up the energy in our lives. Our focus during a new year is usually on the year’s ambitions and goals. The Jan 2nd New Moon will be amplifying these feelings.

The lunation will also bring some fresh energy that will help us break free from the remaining shackles of 2021 and rejuvenate our hopes for the New Year.

The period will be ideal for contemplating what we want to achieve. The energy will encourage us to follow our ambitions and believe in ourselves to reach the place we aspire for.

The Significance Of Capricorn

Capricorn’s ruling sign is a Sea-Goat. The mythical creature has the power to traverse the tallest mountains and the deepest oceans. These ambitions, skills, and agility are conveyed to us during the Capricorn New Moon.

The lunation will be a time for taking responsibility for our desired life. It is time to put all our excuses aside and start setting the boundaries and structures needed to achieve those goals. The earthly Capricorn makes it a great chance for creating stable solid foundations where our dreams can exist.

The New Moon in January will also be a great time for setting intentions and creating the year’s wish list. But, at the same time, we should make sure to act out what we can.

Uranus is emanating an energy stream that will help us in acting them out. Uranus represents awakening, liberation, and freedom. The New Moon will see it in a favorable position that will let us harness the planet’s energy to the fullest.

Give some time to your thoughts about beliefs that limit yourself or thoughts that occupy your mind daily. Try to find out where you are limiting yourself, or the thoughts that are making you feel like you are inadequate for something.

There never is a bad time for asking healing questions like these. But, this New Moon in Capricorn will give these questions extra support. Keep in mind that the universe will be supporting you in releasing such behaviors and transforming all beliefs that are limiting into expansive ones.

This New Moon Is Your Ally

The New Moon in Capricorn will be your ally in shaking off limiting thoughts and beliefs that are blocking you from your desired life. Even though leaving such thinking behind might need time, even getting to know of their existence will be an extremely important step.

The New Moon also sees Pholus, the asteroid, being active. This suggests that new and possibly surprising information can be revealed. This information may also bring closure or heal some wound that has been nurtured for life.

Globally, the New Moon will possibly trigger the Uranus Saturn square. This long-continuing energy is all about control vs freedom. This will keep manifesting itself globally, particularly regarding the pandemic. However, even in our lives, we might see an influence.

Finally, because of Uranus’ favorable position during this lunation, keep in mind that the balance is tilted towards freedom rather than control. While some stability and control are essential in society and our lives, the planets’ alignment indicates that freedom and greater autonomy will prevail in the end.

In conclusion, this New Moon is going to be particularly potent for setting intentions and ambitious goals. It will also be a powerful time for taking action steps that push life towards being more liberated.

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