Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Activate The Merkaba

by Conscious Reminder

Merkaba, the symmetrical star tetrahedron, is built from two conical pyramids, one pointing up and the other down. It’s size is based on our intuitive understanding about it.

The 8 pointed star called Yin and Yang coordinates and synchronizes  male and female body. One pyramid with head on top connects our body to worldly power and the other with its face downwards connects our body to the earth. The positive negative energy thus flows in a pattern. Known as the elementary source of power, Merkaba is a fundamental tool used to generate life. Merkaba should be continuously actuated so as to spin and coordinate the power.

The different methods of activating Merkaba:

1. Meditation and concentration

This needs a clear frame of mind and a relaxed calm body. Let the male pyramid point up and the female pyramid downwards. After that, spinning it actuates its operation. Both pyramids must spin in opposite ways to enliven or invigorate your meridians. You will feel lightness all around.

2. To direct your Merkaba accordingly

Follow your inner intuition and command your Merkaba. Focus with attentiveness and mindfulness. Tell it to balance all your vital power centers and all your energies. Control it for your inner benefit.

3. See its movement through your inner eye

Follow its movement with your own intuition. See it spin under your command. See it balance your soul and energies. Have positivity within yourself and a firm faith in your merkaba.

The other simple exercises to begin the functioning of your Merkaba are:

  • Breathing deeply
  • Maintaining a calm soul
  • Having Inner positivity
  • To distance yourself from all negativity
  • Be compassionate towards others
  • A redefinition of yourself or a better personality build-up

Activating your Merkaba once every day is important to reach that balanced level of human state. After all, a healthy body and mind leads to a balanced healthy happy life.

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