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Sacred Geometry: Merkaba Symbol Meaning

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by Conscious Reminder

Merkaba is the symbol represented by a geometrical form from ancient times, symbolizing the awesome power, and delicate balance of physical, spiritual beings just like we are.

This is the symbol which finds its uses by many people in order to elicit the light vehicle right around them, to help them in spiritual healing and practice.

However, its meaning is deeper than that, and it is rooted in our spiritual awareness, energetically balanced too, and human to specific extents.

What does the symbol Merkaba represent?

This symbol is two tetrahedrons arranged, which means that one is pointing up, while the other is pointing down. It is reminiscent of the Kundalini because it actually has two ways, one up and one down.

The two intersect, making the shape of a star, similar to the Star of David on the 2D surface; however, it is actually a 3D one, which doesn’t make sense in the 2D.

These two tetrahedrons also represent two different energy forces, feminine, and masculine. Each of them is spinning in the opposite direction, creating their own magnetic fields around them. The fields are producing light energies which increase with the spinning tetrahedrons’ speed.

The spinning speed of our Merkaba dictates our spiritual state because this is the place where many of our cosmic energies come. As the two are spinning with identical speed, maintaining internal balance is also important.

Merkaba symbol symbolizing real processes.

This symbol is the visual representation of something real which happens in our subtle bodies. We are not born with our Merkaba completely functioning and even spinning at the greatest speed. It actually requires progress, spiritual action, and meditation on a daily basis.

There are different meditation techniques or rituals which we can undertake in order to speed up our Merkaba. Doing them is only going to work when we are at the appropriate place.

This also means being far away from negative energies and being healed of old wounds we had in the past. Moreover, it means that we have to be balanced with our feminine and masculine energies.

The activation with the help of meditation is going to give us the chance to harness an entirely new light energy level on our path. We are going to feel the energies pulsing around us, whirling as we become the calm in the eye of the storm.

Merkaba’s two trinities.

This symbol’s two trinities are the following:

Light, spirit, and body;

Masculine, feminine, and power.

Mer-ka-ba actually means light, spirit, and body, and it symbolizes the connection between these three. It, in fact, describes how the three forces come together in order to create us.

Similarly to this, the tetrahedrons’ opposing energies represent the feminine and the masculine, together with the power which their interplay creates.

There is no being that has just feminine or masculine energies. Every being has both of them, and despite the names of these two, they aren’t related to the gender of the being. 

Women may be masculine, while men may be feminine. It is all about finding the harmony and balance which is working for our soul and which is going to unlock the true potential of our Merkaba.

The trinities represent the fundamental thing of finding our inner peace because they also encompass the essence of the person we are. In fact, understanding this symbol means understanding ourselves. 

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