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6 Traits That You Can Attribute To Toxic People

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by Conscious Reminder

While every toxic person might display individual quirks and might behave differently to situations, there are some attributes in their character which are common among all individuals with such virulent personality.

While such individuals may not conform to all the traits that are generally attributed to such people, a common thread does run through them.

Some of the six key characteristics that we can attribute to toxic people

1. They Are Judgmental

They always have a sack-full of criticism in every size and shape which they are forever doling out to all. They are always finding ways to criticize you and all you take away from an encounter with them is a load of negative criticism, both subtle and in-your-face.

2. They Manipulate You

This facet of their character goes well with their judgmental behavior. They have turned manipulation into fine art. Be it on a subtle level or in a blatant way, you are part of that person’s macabre ritual. It is so pervasive that even you start doubting yourself at times.

3. Emotional Exploitation

This is the crowning glory of their character. This is their masterstroke. This is the punch that finally ends all your resistance to their evil machinations. But it is up to you, the victim to not allow things to get out of hand. You are in a position to decide how you can get away from it.

4. Passive Onslaught

This particular trait is concealed well beneath a positive exterior. You could be at the receiving end of carefully concealed arrogance. You will face character assassination at a subtle level. You are confused at times as it is not blatant and the aggressor always leaves room for denial. It is a given thing that such toxic people will never own up to their character and they are manipulative enough to always squeeze out of a tight situation.

5. They Succeed In Projecting Their Feeling Onto You

Try to stand up to them, you might even find yourself at the receiving end and might have to take all the blame yourself. They have an arsenal of abhorrent tricks at their disposal which they will never hesitate to use when cornered. Be prepared to be branded the aggressor instead of the victim when you make up your mind to confront such a person. They are well-trained for exactly such a situation.

6. You Have To Prove Yourself At Every Occasion

The onus to prove your nobility and good intention lie with you. At every step of your relationship, you are forced to show that you are above all blame. This is part of the divide and rule policy they employ which ultimately forces you to choose at every step of the relationship. It benefits them to keep a problem alive. Arriving at a solution does not fit their purpose. They have to keep the cauldron boiling.

These may be the traits you encounter in a toxic person and the closer they are to you, the more obnoxious it becomes. It is pertinent to mention that all of the above attributes may not be present in them.

However, a close acquaintance with their behavior will help us in the future to identify such persons and take the necessary measures.

Be informed and be wary. Best of luck.

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