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Aries New Moon, April 15th 2018 ~ All The Truth On The Surface

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by Conscious Reminder

New Moon of 15th April aligns at an angle of 26° within Aries decan three. The astrological events of this year’s April has been squeezed between Eris & Uranus lying somewhat in their centre.

Therefore, the Moon connecting both these planets can invoke the same refrains that occurred during the previous time the two were in conjunction. The New Moon also happens as soon as Mercury rests and it gets prepared to blurt out all the facts.

Many people active on YouTube and Twitter have been banned while writing, post the arrival duration of Mercury moving in retrograde.

The unmoving star called Kurdah coincides with the New Moon along the neckline of Cepheus the King.

New Moon April 2018 – Aries Decan 3

There is a remarkable explanation of Cepheus being voiced in such a way that the King is perceived as a disastrous artist who says “It is empowering for the local juries but causes austere trials but hardly takes into account the actual misdoings of people”. The group of people that are guiding the way for society would be treated like criminals, while their crime is only to speak their minds. Orwell’s dystopian fiction is coming true as we are being spied and censored.  This is a consequence of the nature of the New Moon in Aries Decan 3 that disturbs the vibes of nautical stars here.


No matter how much difficulty the fixed stars may cause, if the feelings are controlled properly, you can utilise the energy of the moon positively. We can gain from our motivations if we find a way to express the creativeness of our minds. The people who will be affected by this New Moon should bring out their talents in front of viewers. A ting of emotions can become the essence of the experience you have to offer and make the occasion exciting.

Re-Divining the Feminine

A rapid decrease in the rate at which births are taking place in the Europe, is seen due to Eris being the outer-planet form of Lilith, deeply affecting the entire western development. Women have the power to take back their control from the clutches of neo-feminism. It is not that worshipping the Goddess is wrong but the ingredients have been adulterated to deteriorate the family structure. Worship of Lilith has converted the pious female into nothing but a sex slave. The excess availability of promiscuous women and abundant porn on demand has made men impotent and women cold. This reflected in the New York fashion week when a woman with hijab was featured in it for the first time ever. It is a silent cry for more modesty in women around the world.

Victorian Values

The trends have swung between genders changing their attires to look very similar and then go to the extreme opposite ends. But can Muslim customs change the direction again in a way where men become manly and women show their feminine side. The society finds balance as there is between Libra and Aries New Moon.


The people affected by the new moon might appear to be the ones seeking attention but they have nothing artificial. The emotions will correspond to the rapid changes in the Moon and Uranus.

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