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Indigo, Crystal, Star Kids & Rainbow Children

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By Karen Erickson

Science is showing that there is a new evolution of the human species that is happening in the genetics of many of the children that have been born since the 1980s.

These new children are referred to as the new spiritual children  of today or as the Indigo, Crystal, Star Kids and Rainbow Children. These new children have new DNA communication patterns and posses one or two new genes that were discovered by the Univ. of Chicago in August 2005 and they use a higher percentage of their brain and have higher IQs.

As a whole, the new children can be very intuitive, sensitive, telepathic, highly intelligent, wise souls, musically or artistically gifted, empathic, healers, sense dishonesty and have sensitive immune systems.

These children have come to help the human species evolve consciously, to become more aware of what we are doing to the planet and to each other. They are here to help break down the old systems that are not in alignment with our hearts and for the good of the people and planet as a whole and to help us reconnect to our spirit and remember who we really arespiritual beings having a human experience.

Indigos children are more free spirits, independent, have nervous energy, need to move and wiggle, are protectors, activists, rescuers, get bored easily, out of the box thinkers, and like to challenge the old systems and authority that is not in integrity and often get diagnosed with ADD & ADHD.

Crystal children are easier to raise, very loving, highly empathic and sensitive, very clingy and want to be held a lot, late to speak, love to sing, musically inclined, artistic, extremely sensitive to chemicals, foods, vaccinations, drugs and have higher percentage of autism diagnosis.

Star Kids are highly evolved, usually petite, love science and technology, extremely intelligent and intuitive, fascinated with the stars and constellations and have telekinesis abilities.

Rainbow children are very advanced wise souls that teach wisdom at early age, avatars, very peaceful and loving, completely fearless, all about service to others, highly telepathic & empathic, advanced healers, vegetarians and highly diagnosed with autism.

The most important thing for raising these children to keep in mind is to give them a very healthy diet, one of organic and unprocessed foods without food dyes and preservatives and chemical free products and home.

They need to learn in smaller class rooms and do best at schools that incorporate all the senses in learning that are more project based. They are very sensitive to vaccinations and can not handle the ridiculous amount of vaccinations that are being recommended for children by the time they are 18 months old.

These children respond extremely well to natural ways of healing, using sound, color, herbs, homeopathy, natural foods and energy medicine to help them heal. Parents need to talk to their children honestly and explain why certain rules or things need to be done and parents need to be in integrity, walk the talk.

Getting your children involved with music, the arts, and spiritual studies or organizations is highly recommended.


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