Date Someone That Does These 30 Things As Instinctively As His Heart Beats

This article is about the things that make couples feel connected, satisfied and happy with each other. Date someone who makes these things to make you happy:

1. Watch someone who is willing to sit through a movie with you that he has already watched a few times.

2. Date someone that will find an interesting spot to take you on a date.

3. Date someone that says hello to your friends whenever he sees any of them.

4. Date someone who will show off with your achievements when you are too humble to do so yourself.

5. Date someone who takes picture of you even when you look like a mess.

6. Date someone who doesn’t drink when you speed up with your drinking, so that he can take care of you.

7. Date someone who tends to blast the radio when your favorite song comes on.

8. Date someone who looks at you as enthusiastically as your dog when you step through the door.

9. Date someone who kisses you on the forehead on a regular basis.

10. Date someone who pulls you closer and calms you down when you have had a bad dream.

11. Date someone that will record some silly show because your favorite celebrity was on it.

12. Date someone that drives with one hand on the wheel as he is holding your hand with the other one.

13. Date someone that will find a great excuse to leave a party when you want to go home.

14. Date someone that will not be able to fall asleep until you text them that you got home safe and sound.

15. Date someone that will secretly touch your butt in public.

16. Date someone that will tell his family about you before you actually meet them.

17. Date someone who is willing to apologize after arguments as he cannot stand being the reason for your tears.

18. Date someone that loves animals as much as you do.

19. Date someone who will drive you to the tattoo salon, so that he can hold your hand while you are getting the work done.

20. Date someone that will order an extra container of fries as he knows that you indulge in them, often stealing some of his.

21. Date someone that doesn’t mind spending money at the cinema, although you want to see a movie that will be out soon.

22. Date someone that knows how to prepare a good, homemade meal for you.

23. Date someone that calls you by a funny nickname which makes you laugh each time you hear it.

24. Date someone who longs for your touch and loves the feel of your skin even if you didn’t shave that day.

25. Date someone who doesn’t get mad at you when you give him an attitude, as he understands that you didn’t really mean it.

26. Date someone that gives up his pillow or blanket so that you feel more comfortable.

27. Date someone that can tell you are crying by the tiniest hitch in your voice.

28. Date someone who goes shopping with you, although you could have done it on your own.

29. Date someone who somehow steers the conversations in a new direction when you are asked a question that you are uncomfortable with.

30. Date someone that vigorously kisses you as soon as you see each other.

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