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Astro Overview Of March 2019: Powerful Celestial Movements Will Open New Horizons

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by Conscious Reminder

Winter is coming to an end and it is time that we reassess ourselves. We must look forward and backward to make sure that we are in the right place. A process that had begun 9 years ago in April 2010 is coming to an end now.

It all started with a lot of chaos and a lot of breaking down and rebuilding, but in the end, we came out of it. Now, all of it will culminate into a sense of self that will start building up as Uranus ends its stay in Aries.

On 1st March, things really begin to start moving. Venus will be squaring Uranus and it puts all our needs and relationships to a test. Nothing will be the same anymore.

When Venus met Pluto and the South Node just after Valentine’s day, things have started moving from that time onwards. Now, much of your life will be reshaping. Your heart will be more open. Or it might close down on others.

When Venus departs from Capricorn and makes its way into the airy Aquarius, things will be put into perspective from a distance. Aquarius gives you a lot of room and will give you the time to breathe, understand, and decide for yourself. However, it makes you detached too.

March 6th brings a lot of action with three cosmic events taking place simultaneously. There is the Pisces New Moon that will be aligning with the reality-shifting Neptune and that just makes everything seem like an illusion.

Then, there is the Mercury retrograde happening in Pisces. And finally, Uranus leaves Aries and hustles towards the grounded Taurus.

When Neptune comes in conjunct with the Sun during the New Moon, it will make you forgive yourself. Jupiter with its expansive self will make you believe in the “visions of more and more” from your future. Reality will be a bit confusing for you and may leave you dazed.

Mercury retrograde is taking him from 29 degrees to 16 degrees of Pisces. It will be lasting until March 28th. The crucial part is the starting point of retrograde.

It meets Pisces at its final degree which is also referred to as the degree of ultimate sorrow. It is in this place that Chiron stayed for so long and has now moved on. 

So, what Chiron had begun back in February will be brought back during this retrograde. You will not be your logical self anymore and your heightened sensitivity will only confuse you further.

You have to trust a part of your instincts when you are going through this period since everything will be foggy. Things would look like they are at a distance.

But fortunately, the universe is looking after you. In all the confusion, Uranus is coming to Taurus again, after it came here in the middle of May 2018.

What we had been processing since the retrograde of Uranus back on November 6th will now take a tangible form. Maybe, it will be related to food production, consumption, and your creative self. You have to connect the dots from the events that took place in May 2018.

As we ground ourselves and move forward, the middle of the Month brings a paradox into our lives. It will develop an awareness of our own self, but also, simultaneously, break us completely.

As the Sun and the retrograde Mercury meets, it would try to bring us at peace with ourselves and the issues of Chiron. But yet again, it will give us only a blurred understanding of our own selves.

Mercury will hit critical mass when it comes to square Jupiter on March 15th. Hard-to-swallow truths will be coming your way. Also, Mercury will come in sextile with Pluto which will put a bit of candor in you and you can take advantage of that

The Sun moves into Aries on March 20th and this brings the opportunity to stabilize our thoughts and communication as Mercury will come to sextile Saturn. It will also bring challenges to our relationships.

There will be a full moon in 0 degrees Libra and the Sun will be in conjunct with Uranus and Chiron. It will make your relationship have the touch of wounded masculinity and searching for feminine care. Venus will be squaring Mars the following day to give you the necessary push.

This can result in a deep understanding or love. On March 23rd, the Mercury retrograde will be meeting Neptune so your finances can be in a bit of trouble during this period. You will be in your dreamy self.

It will stay till April, emphasized by Venus entering Pisces on March 26th. It is spiritual and compassionate. You can use the energy of the meeting of Venus and Uranus the following day to heal your wounds in love. 

As we come to the end of the month, Mercury will station direct and begin its final passage through Chiron. By the middle of April, it will sail past it.

On the last day of the month, Mars will leave Taurus and move into Gemini. There is freedom. No more burden. People will be happy in their gossip and enjoy multitasking.

It’s going to be an eventful March. So be prepared and best of luck!

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