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It’s Better To Remain Single Than To Settle With Just Anyone

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We get it. We are humans, longing for love and comfort. Longing for someone to get back to at the end of the day.

But, tell me, is it really worth settling if the other person doesn’t love you the way you do? Is it really plausible that you settle with just about anyone simply because you have to?


This isn’t a jigsaw puzzle as most people think it to be. You don’t always need someone to complete you. You need someone you can share yourself with.

Ironically, in a bid to not be alone, people are more lonely when they are in a loveless relationship. They suffer more when they have a partner who doesn’t want them. Isn’t remaining single better than that?

Instead of wasting away or settling for anyone, try to love yourself. For the void you are trying to fulfill with someone’s presence can be fulfilled by self-love. You do not need any person to validate you or tell you that you are beautiful. If you give away your heart to someone, without them really caring for it, it is going to backfire.

Love your own self first and trust yourself to make the right decision when time is of the essence. Identify who would truly love you and who is in just for the small ride. Your happiness is pivotal here, you can’t simply throw it at someone’s hands.

Being single at the end of the day makes one feel really unloved, we get it. But do you realize that if you are in a relationship where you find out your partner doesn’t love you, how hard would it be to let go?

You have invested your all into it, and now you are being served some harsh truths that could possibly kill all your future plans or sabotage them. Isn’t being single better than that? The phantom pain of betrayal?

When you love yourself, you get to know all your weaknesses and strengths. You would know what you are made of, and what you want.

This will give you the strength that you need to make things straight and wait for the right guy to come by. Someone who would love you and treat you as an equal.

You know your value, then why sabotage it by allowing wrong people enter your life? If you are willing to love someone, you shouldn’t have to apologize for being the person you are. For loving deeply and also for expecting something in return, you are not at fault.

You deserve the love you give to someone else. You are worth it.

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