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April’s Full Libra Moon Will Disturb The Emotions Of The Collective

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by Conscious Reminder

On April 19th, the Full Moon will be occurring at 29 degrees in Libra Decan 3. It is going to get aligned with the fixed star Izar which is in the Bootes the Herdsman constellation.

It is the closest that the Full Moon is going to get in opposition to planet Uranus. The Full Moon will be quite a sensitive one becoming more about collectivism than individualism. Thus, we will be adjusting ourselves as per the opinions of other people.

From the business perspective, this could be great and the full moon brings us lucrative energy on that end. However, in the case of dignity, the Full Moon does not shed much light. As a result, there is a chance that someone or a group might be cast out and exiled.

In history, the exile of Wallis Simpson and the downfall of Marie Antoinette linked with Libra Decan 3 Full Moon indicates this. The Moon in Libra decan 3 is also called Peregrine.

A planet going into peregrine means that it is in exile and has the state of an anti-hero. Since this moon shows the archetypes are Eris or Venus Lucifer, it shows a tendency towards confusion.

Aspects of Full Moon

The Moon will be going opposite to Uranus and will affect our collective side. The Uranus energy is electric and can get a bit unstable. Hence, we can expect some mood swings. It is a period which is related closely to accidents and assassinations.

This is a result of pouring in of anger and resentment. Uranus comes with a revolutionary touch which is almost like a lightning bolt. Things will not be the same, but you must keep your wits about yourself or else you might cause an accident.

Fixed Izar Present In Bootes

As we come towards Scorpio, being ruled by Mars, the reckless side of Bootes the Herdsman will have an impact on us. The green Izar looks stunning and is located in the loins of the herdsman.

It was named as Pulcherrima, or the belt of the shouter. Bootes can bring about a transition from nomadic to the civilized agricultural life thus indicating a complete transformation.

Fortune comes in the side of the citizens and the treasuries are spent in favour of them. It can be a perfect harmonizing energy between the government and the people. Plus, Libra is a diplomatic sign and shows signs of leadership. It shows a good political edge.

Summary Of The Full Moon

This Full Moon is a rare one as it is taking place again in the Libra, this time, in a row. The previous one was in decan 1. The 29 degrees is called a crucial degree and hence, it is called an anaretic one.

It is about regeneration something that we see in alchemy. In the current world, we can see this effect with Brexit. The debacle is about how the government keeps resisting from carrying forward the choice of the people.

Maybe the elite politicians believe that citizens do not understand anything and can be controlled. However, the energy of Uranus can bring about a breakdown.

Now, it would be time to see whether the citizen will rise or not. Uranus is ruled by Venus but is linked with Bootes and hence, can indicate a kind of farmer’s revolution.

The Full Moon can be dramatic but there is a positive message glimmering through it. It’s all about going in cycles. The Full Moon shows the weakness of the government and wants us to bring it out.

It is about empowering the masses and make them breathe revolution until their choices are met. It is about voicing concerns. The Full Moon is about an exchange of power – about transformation.

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