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How To Achieve Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Flow

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by Conscious Reminder

Humans are essentially spiritual creatures who feel inspired and completely authentic when we are comfortable, relaxed, and without the burden of expectations.

However, this rarely happens because we need to indulge in our favorite activity to achieve the feeling of being alive. We need to take a respite from our 9 to5 jobs and look up towards the sky once in a while.

These feelings used to occur when we were younger and found peace and satisfaction by indulging in our favorite hobby or quietly hiding in our favorite corner of the house.

By doing these we felt a sense of security and calmness that engulfs our physical senses and our inner voice becomes more loud and clear.

At the moment we felt enlightened towards our call and aim in life. There was a certain calmness in things around us.

Receiving Our Spiritual Flow

Often when we miss being in our zone, we actually mean our ‘flow state’ which is the mental space that allows a person to fully plunge in the activity and experience dynamic focus, complete connection, and enjoyment.

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a psychologist, coined the word ‘flow’ in the year 1975. It became a critical tenet for the concept of the positive movement of psychology.

Flow is a modern concept that is employed in various fields, however, the ideas existed for millions of years and were used by Eastern religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Taoism. They preach that the flow can be achieved through prayer, meditation, healing, and martial arts.

One huge advantage of flow state is ‘relaxation response’, coined by the physician, Herbert Benson. He explains that the ability to motivate our body to discharge the brain and chemical signals which makes our organs and muscles decelerate and increase the flowing of blood for the brain. He suggests that meditation can help us in getting relaxation by reducing stress levels, improving well-being, and also reduce blood pressure.

Tips To Achieve Flow State

Getting back one’s mojo or achieving a flow state can be done through meditation, creating good habits, connecting with nature, and positive thoughts. A sustainable life is possible by reconnecting with our spiritual self. Here are some easy steps to do so.

I: Nature Walks

Irrespective of one’s professional life or home that is situated in an urban or rural area, getting outside to rewind and take a walk with no specific destination will surely offer benefits. The natural flow of the world brings its harmony and serenity to our mind that is much-needed to keep moving forward.

II: DIY Shiatsu

Usually, Shiatsu is performed with partners. Nonetheless, you can give massages to your own muscles for the purpose of soothing pains and aches.

1: Sit on the floor cross-legged with an elbow pressed into the thigh to achieve relaxation.

2: Put pressure outside the thigh to increase control.

3: Press the thumb to the middle of the foot to promote calmness despite over-excitement and tiredness.

III: Alone Time

A quiet and alone time is essential to balance our stressful and happening urban life. One can achieve serenity and inner calm on the busiest days by spending at least 10 minutes in complete silence or thoughts about work or worry. After the quiet time, you will definitely find clarity and meaning in the things happening around you.

When you are trying to reconnect to your spiritual self, reconnecting with old friends or family members helps incredibly. So, improve your communication skills and use your creativity to get your flow state.

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