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Twin Flames – The Story Behind The Enigma

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Are you familiar with the concept of the Twin Flames? Although many confuse this concept and think it is the same as finding your soul mate.

The origins of both are somewhat similar. But you can meet more than one soulmate in your life. We have come to believe that our spouse or life partner is our soul mate. But it’s not that. It is not necessary that you will marry your soulmate.

There is no necessary clause that a soulmate has to have a romantic role in your life. In fact, looking for a soulmate or a twin flames solely for the romantic promises is a very wrong way to go about it.

These relationships go beyond the fulfillment of a romantic association. They are here to help us through this journey of our life. And that includes guiding and advising us when needed.

A soulmate and twin flames, each have a specific role to play in our lives. But, though you might meet many soul mates in your life (as mentioned before) but you come across your twin flames only once in your life.

It is one of those events which are called life changing. For you to understand the importance of both these categories of souls you encounter through life, you first need to understand the origins of each.

The Origin- How soulmate and twin flames are different?

When a soul is created, it is never materialized out of thin air alone. There is usually a group of similar souls who came into being together. This is your soul group. The souls who were created alongside you, are your soulmates. Through your life on Earth, you’ll encounter at least some if not all of them. And they might come in your life for a very short span or might stay with you for quite some time, as a parent, sibling or relative. Being part of your soul group, they will be best able to guide you through the ups and downs of life, as you might do for them too.

Twin flames is someone who is quite truly your better half. During your incarnation on Earth, your soul was split into two parts and when you meet them, you will become whole again. They are not just your romantic interest, they are quite literally a part of you and it is only together that you can ascend to higher Spirituality.

But for this, we need to be prepared. A twin flames connection is intense. There is nothing like this you might have ever experienced before. For you to completely comprehend and appreciate your twin flames connection, both of you have to be complete in yourself. You need to be understanding and mature to be able to handle the intensity of a twin flames connection. It is very rare and happens only once in life. You don’t have to waste your time trying to search for your twin flames. The universe will make sure that you two find each other when the time is right for both of you.

How to know your twin flames from others?

  • You cannot deny the attraction you feel to them even if you try to.
  • They turn your mind towards a higher purpose of life.
  • They accept you without any expectations and exactly as who you are.
  • The connection is instant and it feels as if you’ve known them your entire life.
  • You find that you don’t have to put on any masks or put up any charades when you are with them.
  • And there is this undeniable feeling that no one else in the world would ever complement you as well as they do.

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