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Tips & Tricks For Working Spiritual Protection Into Your Beauty Routine

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by Conscious Reminder

On any given day, you don’t know what you might face. There are people and places that just ooze negative energy. Many unhappy, angry people will send their own negative energy your way without even realizing they’re doing it—or worse! Drain and sap you of your own energy!

Because of this, it’s important to shield yourself. It won’t take long—and you can even make it a part of your daily beauty routine. Try these ways to strengthen your spiritual armor.


Keep a canister of salt in the bathroom. When you grab for your sponge or washcloth in your morning shower, sprinkle a handful of salt onto it and scrub yourself down quickly. Salt cleanses away negative energy and will purify the water as you wash, sending any excess negativity right down the drain.


When you buy shampoo, pour half of it into an empty bottle to reserve it. Make a sage and rosemary tea by steeping handfuls of the dried herbs in a pot of water. Strain the water when it’s cool and add it to the shampoo bottle, then shake gently to mix.

Cleansing and protecting yourself as part of your daily beauty routine will help keep your spiritual armor strong and your defenses at the ready

Diluting shampoo with water is better for your hair and will help you save money; and sage and rosemary infusions are good for your scalp, and actually help hair grow in thicker and more healthy. Best of all, the sage will help spiritually purify you for the day— when your body is spiritually healthy and pure, it’s harder for negativity to break through your natural defenses.


Grind some bay leaves into a find powder using a coffee grinder, herb grinder or an old fashioned mortar and pestle. Sprinkle about a teaspoon into your bath powder or into corn starch and mix to blend it well. When you get out of the tub and dry off, powder yourself up as usual.

Bay has tremendous powers for shielding and protecting you from negativity or malicious intent. Make sure to use true bay leaf, laurus nobilis, or “sweet bay.” This is the kind you’ll find on supermarket shelves. Avoid the California Bay, which is a different type of herb entirely and does not have the same properties.


Pure cocoa butter and shea butter are about as good as it gets when it comes to moisturizing, but you can give them a little boost with a few drops of High John the Conqueror essential oil well blended into the mix.

High John the Conqueror is a very strong, protective plant so this is a particularly good choice if you’re going into “battle” that day—if you are fighting in a court case, or expect to encounter aggressive opposition. Applying it all over your body is the spiritual equivalent to a warrior preparing for battle. Nothing will penetrate to dampen your spirit.


One of the biggest threats we can face on a daily basis is simply coping with all the stress and depression around us. In Western society, stress and depression have reached epidemic proportions. Anyone surrounding you whose aura is saturated with negative energy from these problems is bound to rub some off on you. Protect yourself with a mister that you can carry with you anywhere.

Add a few drops of lavender oil to battle stress, and/or lemon oil to battle depression, into a fine spray mister bottle full of water. Before you use it, shake it well, then spritz it into the air above your head and stand under it as it falls down. It will come down and clear any excess negativity that’s managed to work its way into your auric field.

Cleansing and protecting yourself as part of your daily beauty routine will help keep your spiritual armor strong and your defenses at the ready.

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