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Fear Is The Only Darkness

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I must not fear, Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration, I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye and see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing, Only I will remain.

∼Bene Gesserit: Litany Against Fear, DuneYou always attract what you fear.

Fear is an emotion, and as this emotion is sent out, it will attract its like. Like attracts like. Thus you will attract more fear and that to which the fear is connected. 

Is there something we can do about it? Yes! Fear, like anything else, is an energy, a contracting energy. In the body fear manifests itself clearly in the muscles. Fear and traumas get “stored” in the muscles. That is, the energy of the experience of the fear will settle itself in a muscle, creating a permanent contraction or tension in that muscle.

The body will stop sending pain messages after a while. We carry that with us the rest of our lives, often unaware, unless we do something about it, like for example rolfing. Rolfing is a deep massage technique that can release the stored fear energy in muscles.

Sometimes the patient will briefly re-experience the trauma again as it is being released. Other healing techniques have similar results. Basically it starts with deep relaxation initiated by a healer or by yourself.

You can also look at it this way. In the human experience whatever we do eventually becomes a habit. A habit is an energy that has been repeated over and over again. The more is has been repeated the more that energy has cut a channel in our being (soul or body). The deeper the channel the stronger the energy current is, and the more likely our energy is going to flow in that channel. Fear is a habit too, one that we did not want.

In the history of mankind the fear for survival has become a very strong habit because it is necessary for man’s existence. The fears that we have created by ourselves in this lifetime are more easily changed. More easily, but it still can be difficult or it can take a long time.
We mentioned that fear manifest itself in the muscles, but it can lodge in any place of the body.

Acupuncture has become well known in the West. Meridians are a system of subtle energy channels in the body, also called nadis. Nadis are like little brooks and rivers flowing through our entire body providing every organ and cell with the necessary life energy. The experience of fear in our life will create contractions in those nadis. Different fears will create contractions in different places of the body.

Where a nadi is contracted and stays like that, the energy flow though that nadi becomes less than what it should be, thus limiting the amount of energy to the cells or organs where the life energy was flowing to. Those cells and organs then become weak and susceptible to microbes. Ailments and disease follow.

One can take medicine to kill the microbes, one can take vitamins, herbs and the like to provide for optimum nutrition and strength, but the organs and cell will stay weak. Acupuncture can harmonize the energy flow through the nadis again, but one needs to go to the root of the contraction.

Why did it happen in the first place? Otherwise, after a while, contraction will set in again, because the root, the cause, the fear energy is still there. So, healing methods are fine, but they are only temporary, unless one also tackles the basic cause of the problem, and that is always fear.

Any physical, emotional or mental problem that we have created in this life is based on fear.

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