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Today’s New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Will Be One Of The Most Powerful Astro Events Of 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

Today, 5th January, we are going to witness the first big astrological/astronomical event of 2019, happening in the first week of this year. It’s the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, occurring in Capricorn.

The New Moon of today will be entirely different from others because it will form the bridge created of spiritual energies which are going to lead to the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, happening on January the 20th.

The energy of this lunar cycle will be unbelievably strong, and it will quickly come one people’s ways, bringing a lot of positive and beautiful changes in their lives. The energy will also bring the year considered for personal development and growth.

This New Year is full of great potential for us if we stay organized and focused. A lot of people probably felt the effects of the energy recently. That energy was quite different, and it made people feel strangely and differently. Now, people got ready for all those shifts in some positive energies coming on their ways. Until the end of this month, those energies will keep increasing.

2019 will not be a silent and calm year at all, and the New Moon of today will start all those feelings of evolving and growth within every one of us. Those that do spiritual practices will notice that their energy got heightened. This will be an excellent year for expanding upon intuitive, as well as spiritual practices, and also learn everything about working with personal talents and gifts.

The New Moon happening today is going to tell people that it is never too late to do something in life. For instance, if they desired to do something, such as a career they always wished for, or a place they wanted to visit, something they really wanted, now it will be the perfect moment to go for it.

Our Universe gives us a huge possibility to go out there, as well as follow our desires. 2019 will undoubtedly be a productive and prosperous year if people work with their spiritual energies which are abundant.

So, after the long search, they are going to become more aware of their place in the world, and how they fit in it. They may also gain a better understanding of everything they should do in life, and what makes them happy or how they fit in this world without making any sacrifice of who they are.

During this year, people will want to communicate and interact with one another more. They should begin interacting with the New Moon happening today. Also, they shouldn’t be afraid to smile at others, and they should always help someone when he or she needs some help. In fact, there will be a fantastic shift of energies which really loves. Everyone should participate in this shift.

While the year is going by, people will feel the need of doing something significant, or taking a stand, as well as feeling empowered in their truth – they should have to remember the water’s powers within them.

This water, in the blood and the body, is actually associated with the water in the whole world in a way that is compassionate, creative, ever flowing and empowering. It also creates and finds the right path, because it is making its way.

With this New Moon, people should start all over. Also, they can perform a ritual for this period: setting an intention, lighting a silver or white candle, and imagining their new beginning in powerful and joyful ways.

After that, they should spend several instances breathing in all those energies of the new beginning and reality every day. This ritual should be done for one lunar cycle and then re-accessed and energized on the following New Moon, of course, if there is a need to do so.

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