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How To Raise Your Energy Signature Using 5 Simple Steps

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by Conscious Reminder

Energy signatures play a vital role in keeping our lives happy and normal. Higher the energy signature, the better it is. So let’s discuss how we can work on raising it.

Energy Signature’s Enhancement

As stated by the laws of physics, every object in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, depending upon the level of its energies. This hold good for humans as well. We are surrounded by energies of different forms that interact with and alter our system constantly. The way we move, the way we think and react to situations deeply influence the state of our energies and how healthy we are. Our decisions and selections can help us increase or decrease these energies.

During our happy times, the positivity of our existence amplifies the vibrations we emit. This causes our spirits to rise high. Whereas on the other side, there are times when nothing seems to work out.

From all the research work conducted by us, we came to the conclusion that all the negative emotions like anxiety, laziness, fright and hopelessness are associated with the low vibrational frequencies.

Below are five methods by which you can increase your energy signature

1. Live in the moment and place where you currently are:

Focusing solely on where you are presently can be a great supply of all the energy you require. When you spend your energy worrying and constantly trying to anticipate what’s going to happen in the future (or may be tomorrow at work), you waste a hell lot of energy on something that you can do nothing about. Being conscious and stressed about something that lies beyond the circle of our influence brings no good. It only makes us more hopeless and drains out all the positive energies from inside of us. Be it something that has been said and done that is causing us all the anxiety, it is not wise to hold on to bad memories. Even looking forward to something a lot, takes away the essence of now. It is very important to let go of things that are not in control in order to be able to experience how beautiful life can be in present.

2. Pay attention to your breath:

Every now and then, concentrate on the process of breathing. Consciously, take in a deep breath filling your lungs fully with air and then release slowly. Continue to do this for a few minutes until you start feeling fresh and have managed to release all the stress. No doubt, the breathing exercise regulates the flow of energy in your entire body and helps your nervous system rest.

3. Give importance to the environment

Our mother nature is capable of doing wonders. If you wish to lead a peaceful life, find a way to always have appreciation for the environment in your mind. By spending some time away from the mundane schedule in the laps of Mother Nature, you can deeply cleanse your system and sharpen its saw. You can do this by taking up regular outdoor activities and meditating in parks.

4. Concentrate on the inspiration

Daily, we find ourselves pursuing the same tiring schedule of work and watch it grow beyond our control. The key to managing all the work lies in focussing on inspired action. Align your work in such a way that you finish the higher priority work first that adds most value to your life.

5. Empower yourself

It is advisable to take yourself seriously because, no matter how much we deny this fact, we are the most important person to us. We must prioritize our needs while understanding what we really want in life. Taking a step back to think and analyse our emotions and then empower ourselves spiritually is as crucial as eating. Make sure to spend some time regularly becoming aware of yourself.

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