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Why It Is Wrong To Suppress Your Negative Side For The Sake Of Being Kind And Loving

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When I was young, I was friends with a girl who would be late for everything. Since I belonged to a family that was disciplined and always punctual, this behaviour bothered me.

Nonetheless, I kept the feeling of disrespect to myself and never let her know about it. I always let it go, fearing that things might go ugly if I expressed my resentfulness. But it started affecting our friendship which I perceived as more acceptable than expressing how I felt.

While growing up, we are only taught to keep the emotions like jealousy, discomfort and anger inside. Seldom do parents realise the importance of being open and addressing the actual feelings. However, we must understand that jealousy, anger, tears, etc. are real emotions.

By doing this, we keep away ourselves from being real, being us which is why we find it hard to find inner peace. Over time I have learnt that counterintuitively when we express the true emotion that we feel, we release ourselves from the burden of carrying it around.

Another way that we should deal with the bottled up emotions is to write them down on a piece of paper and let everything out. The text need not be exposed to other as much as it needs to be removed from your inside to prevent it from causing anger, sadness or worry.

This practice has helped me to connect with inside of my body much more deeply than ever. I can hear a guiding voice in my head which tells me if the things happening around me or to me are the ones I deserve and should I act on the situation.

Due to all this, I now have become capable of letting myself free from unnecessary and trivial problems that I used to feel earlier, for example, with my spouse.

I would wait for him to give me more and more time but now I just know that he will be with me once he has taken care of everything else with a more relaxed mind.

It is the biggest relief to realise that all that resentment and anger wasn’t mine. It just was there and I didn’t have to carry it inside of me. Furthermore, I have become more empathetic with people being in full control of my emotions.

Also, about the writing practice I mentioned, it is not a good idea to share every minor detail to the story and make it sound like cribbing or something that pinched you. It may seem unreasonable to give so much attention to oneself too.

The fundamental solution is about just addressing the feelings that surface as a response to the external stimuli.

In sum, I would like to share that in no world is it possible to achieve inner peace while keeping the dark side of you inside.

Journey within yourself to explore the unresolved and unexplored areas so that when you are travelling through the outside world, you are in a position to find solace.

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