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The Difference Between Sympathy & Compassion

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

While we are moving on our life path, we are going to come to perceive the difference. Pity for other people or self-pity represents human sympathy; however, isn’t love or compassion.

Compassion is healing as it elevates and as it possesses the strength of the dove of the Holy Spirit. This world is overloaded with human sympathy. For example, it is present in every soap opera.

People’s sympathetic attractions are just like those of planetary bodies which create their own astrology – the pulls and pushes of the magnets of such sympathetic relationships existing between bodies.

Then, sympathetic relationships are amused by individuals that mainly dwell in astral or physical consciousness. Most of this world supports the self-identity, or the feeling of safety and security, by sympathetic ties between people and human sympathy.

When we don’t have perfect love, we can suddenly stop loving someone as he or she no longer manifests something which we expect from them.

We hope them to do something in a specific way in order to meet our needs, so when they don’t, suddenly, they will not see our sympathetic or kindly attitude anymore.

Rather, we feel self-pity. We weep, wail, and throw tantrums. We may even become physically brutal and violent. We can decide that the person will no longer be our friend, so we will put him or her out of our house or our club.

The other person will not even be able to imagine how such things could come upon someone all of a sudden.

Well, this is not going to happen to anyone when their love is perfect; it will definitely come upon someone when sympathy represents the fundamental thing of his or her relationship.

The meaning of perfect love is that as every person is created by God and knows God, he or she has the instantaneous ability to love Him in one another.

Hence, they may continue loving God in one another regardless of what their outer person is doing.

They can enjoy the light, which is every living cell’s fount, even when the whole awareness which uses the force field is not serving God anymore. Every one of us cannot just stop his or her love of God.

In fact, God represents the fire present in the heart of the cell which composes those pews on which we are seated. There are people who don’t love inanimate things.

Actually, they do not like this or that or something else as they do not like the shape, color or the design of it. We are not supposed to experience any hatred, as God definitely represents love.

This is very simple. When someone is not able to love, then he or she has not to know their Mighty I AM Presence.

When they realize it for once and make contact with it, the love fire will be intense in the descent, while it will descend as the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son.

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