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Spiritual Doormat: Standing Up For Yourself And Being Spiritual Are Not Mutually Exclusive

by consciousreminder
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 by Conscious Reminder

It has recently been observed that many people in yogi circles, even mentors and coaches frown upon any kind of resentment a person expresses.

Speaking out for yourself, or accepting that you might be depressed are considered wrong and you are told to hush these feelings down. The explanation is that these are negative feelings and thus wrong and should not be felt at all.

Well, thankfully this is not true. Being a lightworker has nothing to do with being a pushover. You do not have to negate your feelings or ‘let go’ of everything just because you are supposed to be living within the light. You are still a human, who has to go out in the human world.

A world which is not often good or just. Feeling injustice and not expressing your reaction to it is not natural or healthy. And speaking out doesn’t harm your vibrations, though keeping all of this inside might.

What one needs to do is find a balance and here is how:

  • Take your time- If you come across a person who is downright cruel or mean then you have every right to call them out on it. But before you make that call, make sure you have all the facts of the matter in front of you. It is easy to get overwhelmed when someone doesn’t treat you decently but that doesn’t mean that you have to lash out immediately. You need to first try and understand their reasons behind it. They might be facing demons of their own that is making them behave like this. Remember that even if you try your best not to, it is hard to be completely unbiased.
  • Boundaries- Sometimes you need to cut some people off for your own good. You don’t have to help every time someone asks you nicely. Your first duty is towards your own well being so you have to be your own priority. Don’t immerse yourself so totally in others that you forget yourself. Don’t respond to people who are toxic and drain your energy, you don’t have to be answerable to everyone. Your time is your own and you have to decide how do you want to spend it.
  • Don’t suppress your feelings- Just because you are spiritual doesn’t mean that you are magically immune to the atrocities of others. You don’t have to take every obnoxious comment with a smile on your face. Don’t think that feeling resentment or anger towards these people is making you a bad person or lowering your vibe. Suppressing these emotions will only make it worse. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, face these thoughts and then let them go. Accept that the world can be incredibly unfair and cruel. Process this information, only then can you move on to the next part, which is letting go.

Feeling bad about things that are actually bad is not wrong. But you need to learn to move on from it, and chose to be positive anyway. Learn to appreciate the good even more every time you witness the bad. Saying no to toxic people will not dim your shine. Letting yourself trodden over by them will.

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