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Today Mercury Enters The Sign Of Leo: Go Big, Or Go Home

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Mercury enters the sign of Leo today and will transit the sign for longer than usual – until September 5th.

Mercury, the little trickster of the zodiac, has all the answers, if it knows where to search and isn’t afraid to dig into the underworld to find them.

Communication planet Mercury will enter the sign of Leo, finding you feeling totally confident about expressing yourself, planning, and organizing; this will also boost your mental acuity. Watch out for surprising news on June 30, when Mercury squares off with electric Uranus.

The length of this stay is due to the upcoming retrograde of Mercury from July 26th to August 19th spent entirely in Leo, which serves to extend the visit. When Mercury is in Leo, our thinking is more confident and grand.

The focus is now on the goal–and the more magnificent the goal, the better! The details may not be quite as important to us now.

We are more expressive, even theatrical, and given to speech-giving and story-telling under this influence.

We are also more convincing and persuasive, as we exude confidence when we speak or write. We may not listen as well as we normally do under Mercury in Leo.

The Moon spends the day in productive Capricorn. However, Mercury is moving into a minor challenging aspect with Neptune, which can serve to diffuse our concentration or focus.

The Moon is void from 4:58 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius the next day, Saturday, June 30th, at 12:37 AM EDT.

On June 30th, Mercury forms a square to Uranus and then a trine to Chiron. These aspects can stimulate our senses, and we could have sudden flashes of insight or fresh new ideas.

It’s a challenge to deal with routine matters or monotonous tasks, but we’re open to new ways of looking at problems and the world around us.

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