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The Importance Of Feng Shui For Your S*x Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Feng Shui and its importance for bringing in good fortune in your life cannot be questioned.

However not many know that Feng Shui considerations also come in useful while dealing with a couple’s s*x life. Here are a few possible scenarios:

—Instance 1- The primary energy of some houses is that of loneliness. If it is not treated, the occupants find it hard to pursue fulfilling relationships or hold on to the ones they have got.

—Instance 2- There are also some houses where the energies are so much in flux that the overall vibe is of arguments and differences. This means that the occupants would find it hard to be in harmony with each other unless it is treated. It can be caused because of a variety of reasons-
-The lighting or color could be giving off subliminal vibes
-The structure could be such that it causes one to feel lonely
-The time cycle of a house will also affect its inhabitants
-Personality of an occupant can be incompatible with the house

—Instance 3- And then there are houses which have such positive vibes for sexual encounters that the occupants might have some trouble keeping it in their pants. So these are the places where the spouses might cheat on each other unless all that intense sexual vibe is toned down. For example, houses which face southwest are notorious for having excess sexual energy and the occupants are known to have many sexual partners.

The fact is that houses that are good for s*x or ones which are not don’t look different from any other house. They feel different because of their magnetic fields, their directions and many such small details. Some houses have a very overpowering influence of discord and differences which drives the occupants to divorce unless these influences are not corrected in time.

A lot can be said about the sexual life of the occupants of a house after studying its Feng Shui markers. They also have an effect on the fertility issues faced by a couple. Thus the importance of Feng Shui cannot be understated even when it comes to the matters of the bedroom.

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