Karma, The Great Equalizer

‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’; we are all familiar with Isaac Newton’s famous third law of motion.

And when it came out, I am pretty sure most of the people of the then Orient and the people who studied them, the Orientalists, weren’t surprised at all.

The law of Karma or duty, has been long known by Hindus and most of the other religions of the East.

“As you sow, so shall you reap” the Europeans knew it as.

The thing is, the universe is like a giant stringed instrument. Every movement of every single body, living or nonliving, is nothing more than a meagre vibration.

And every vibration produces a sound of a particular note. Call the sound the reaction of the universe to the action of a body.

The sound or in real life the reaction is equal in force and intensity to the original source action that caused it.

Now, one must put this generic principle into the framework of a metaphysical soul universe to understand karma.

Karma is the Sanskrit and archaic Hindi word for duty, action and deed. There are two types of human action, ethical or ‘sukarma’ and passionate or ‘dushkarma’.

The first is right, divine and kind. The second is human and more often not planned out, or plain evil.

Both of these kinds of deeds has repercussions.

Like plucking a string creates a sound, disturbing the equilibrium by simple committing a deed, produces a particular kind of reaction; it is always equal to the deed in intensity and more importantly, nature.

What is more, karma is not dependent or relative to time and birth and death. That is, the consequence of one’s karma transcends birth and lifespans.

Like a bank account, good or bad deeds accumulate and on death, can be used to attain salvation or heaven, or can be used against the doer by sending them to be born again or alternatively to hell.

So, it is twice as more important to think about all the repercussions of human action before committing the deed, simply because your soul’s release or shackling might just be at stake.

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