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The Black Moon Energy Is Still Holding And The Weekend Horoscope Is Heralding Big Changes

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The 30th August weekend has a powerful Black Moon for us. This Virgo Black Moon will have extreme control over your life, well beyond the weekend.

You will be asked to review your life and make all the necessary changes. Happiness is the goal guiding us during the weekend so all changes will be related to that.

The season is now changing, the cosmos is aligning for major plans, and the Universe is telling us to prepare for it all.

Here’s your Black Moon weekend horoscope:


This Black Moon weekend has much magic in store for you. While others are stuck in the mayhem, you remain relatively calm. All your heroic escapades will take their toll on you now. So sit back and relax for now. Reenergize and realign.


The Black Moon offers you great opportunities but veiled as pieces of a puzzle. While impossible opportunities come to you, you must be aware of the details to connect it all. A new chapter is beginning and you will be in control of it.


The weekend will be light-hearted. Pleasant experiences are waiting for you. The Moon blesses you with the energy to embrace a new diet, define your life better, and focus on details if you so choose. Enjoy the Black Moon.


The Black Moon will be wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives, including yours. But don’t worry, you will survive this too. Details will be important now, they could be long-forgotten or suddenly remembered. Acknowledge them and you’ll be all set.


Be careful of the Lion inside you. Take care that the prowess within doesn’t intimidate potential connections or deals. The Universe has its plans for you, follow the signs. This New Moon cycle is full of potential for you.


As both the New Moon and the Sun are currently in your zodiac, you are all set for greatness. Your honorable motivations will take you ahead now. With the New Black Moon comes a creative vacuum. Fill it!


The Moon serves as a portal for your dreams now. You are out of the deep waters but not everything is set yet. Wait for now and just ponder about what makes you the happiest. They’ll come to you soon. Till then appreciate the beauty around. Finances will look good too.


While emotions go haywire for most during New Moons, you are safe for now. New things are on their way, just be patient for now. Great possibilities and new beginnings are almost here for you. Don’t pay heed to others’ difficulties. Focus on strengthening your own self.


While you wait to create your own Utopia, the Black Moon will force you to sort the details first. You have great foresight which others don’t often act on. This will be a busy and impactful weekend. A resolution’s waiting. Keep calm, take a deep breath, and start again what you want to finish,


Emotions are prominent now. You will be asked to choose a path from many, although only a couple of them are visible for now. A drastic shift in perspective is here, embrace it. The Black Moon balances you and you’re safe from troubles for now.


If you have been stagnant at the same place, stuck in a cycle of repetition, things are about to change. The merging of the Sun with the New Moon will bring balance for you. All your troubles will reach an end soon, hold on till then. New beginnings are almost here.


As the pressure on you keeps rising, make sure you put up a fight to retain your place. It can be internalized too, by checking your core and retaining your vision. Your faith may be soon challenged too. You are in for one tough ride with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon all opposing your zodiac. Hold on, this too shall pass.

Be safe and prepare for the new cycle in your life. Enjoy the Black Moon weekend!

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