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The Hidden Super Power Each Zodiac Sign Has (And Should Channel More Often)

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We all have a superpower we keep hidden from the world. Probably because we don’t even realize that it’s actually a special gift that few people have. Here’s yours: 

# Aries:

You are so unbelievably clever. You make the impossible seem possible. You have the power to artfully design your life in a way that not only inspires but helps others achieve their dreams. As a natural trend setter, you are a true born influencer. When it comes to getting what you want, the impossible means only “I’m possible” to you.

# Taurus:

The most determined of all signs, Taurus’s power to excel in any given skill is truly a marvel to behold. For some reason you can wrap your mind around things that most people struggle with, which also means you can easily become a powerful leader. You are master of your own domain!

# Gemini:

It’s of no surprise that the twins have a joint power. On one hand, you possess the power of The power to own your vulnerabilities, embrace them and carry them in the world as great gifts of beauty, love and healing. You are a passionate seeker of the beauty within.

# Cancer:

The power to dream big and find the right space in the world for their fulfillment. You are a powerful creator. You can create some of the most beautiful things on Earth with your kind heart and loving nature, if you don’t like the harsh realities of the world bring you down.

# Leo:

One of the most determined signs of the zodiac. You possess the power to stand up and fight like there’s no tomorrow. ESPECIALLY when it comes to love. There’s nothing you won’t do for those you love. You are a bearer of infinite resourcefulness and your inner fire will be your own light, even in the darkest moments.

# Virgo:

You wouldn’t really guess they have this superpower considering they are staunch perfectionists with multiple layers, but Virgos definitely have the power to comfort, soothe and bring solace into people’s hearts. This comes from your greatly intuitive, perceptive nature. You are a healer, and often tie a karmic bond with the significant lovers in your life.

# Libra:

You are a master of manifestation. You have unbelievable power to create and harvest the realities you’ve wanted in your life, whether in love, business or in bringing people together. You are a connector and a true master of ceremony.

# Scorpio:

The most alluring of all signs, you Scorpios have the power to impress people with your charisma, and cast great influence on them when you walk into a room. You are a true people magnet. Just make sure you can handle everything you’re attracting. When it rains around you, it pours!

# Sagittarius:

You are a magician and a mind reader. You Sag’s have the power to embrace your subconscious mind with great diligence and turn it into a compelling asset. One that improves your overall relationship with the entire world. To you, the world is an oyster and all you have to do is pry it open.

# Capricorn:

You Capricorns have a pretty hard exterior but it’s all show. Your superpower is that you have the power to always seek the best in people, even when there’s so much bad to notice too. That’s because you’re so good at walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. You have a profound understanding of human nature and often comprehend both sides of a sticky situation. You are a true peacemaker.

# Aquarius:

One of the most powerful signs, you are the flaming Phoenix of the zodiac. Nothing can keep you down and out. You have the ultimate power to regenerate yourself even when there’s seems to be nothing left, rise from the ashes, and blaze a new path through the world with excellent pace no matter the hardships. You will stay passionately in love with life forever.

# Pisces:

Pisceans possess the power to converse with their highest self through their intuition. Most people have intuition, but you fish have taken your intuition to a much, much higher level. Your ‘gut instinct’ is almost always spot on. You rest assured the best choices come from within and do not shy away from declining anything that doesn’t serve your soul a lesson or a purpose.

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