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How To Recognize Meditation Scams & Charlatans

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by Conscious Reminder

There are people or groups of people that usually present meditation inappropriately.  They are scammers, and they can be:

  • Entrepreneurs or marketers who are financially motivated, and know what they do;
  • Running groups of spiritual leaders who are deluded, and not that far from cults.

When meditation became known among people, there were some that looked at it in a way they looked at other products: “How can I sell this better than others. How can I make meditation be better, faster, and cheaper?”

Well, the reality is that meditation was around for more than 5,000 years. In fact, it was developed by certain people groups that had no other occupation in life, and they meditated and explored contemplative techniques.

This means that the chances of city dwellers from the 21st century to create or discover an even more potent way of meditation are almost impossible.

However, how are they going to convince us to pay huge amounts of money in order to learn meditation, unless they prove it?

Well, the idea related to hacks, shortcuts and secret techniques is quite attractive – particularly for ‘fast food’ industries, which are quite common in today’s modern society. That’s why the promises related to meditation may be alluring, so a lot of people fall for them.

  • “More mindfulness in less time.”
  • “Achieve enlightenment through our proven system!”
  • “Meditate like a Zen master without spending years practicing…”

Here, we are going to presents you the most frequent characteristics of meditation scammers and scams. An organization, group, products or also course, does not need to possess everything of this in order to be claimed as a scam; however, we should consider it a red flag if we notice any of the elements mentioned below.

They are scams if they are:

  • Promoting that the meditation technique they use is unique, more effective and superior over other techniques. They can even say that it is the only real way of meditating or probably the best possible way. They are going to give us plenty of attractive reasons in order to support what they claim;
  • Trying to convince us that other different meditation techniques will definitely not be for us, or are hard to do, while the one they have is simple and effortless. They would like to convince us that the one they have will give us more for a smaller effort.
  • Not teaching their practice in public, they kept it a secret and protected from everything. This means that we will not be able to try it if we don’t pay first;
  • Using exaggerated language in order to talk about what benefits this approach has, and with what it is going to provide us;
  • Not answering the basic questions related to this practice, or everything else involved until we join;
  • Offered by inexperienced individuals who are not real practitioners of this art or by faceless organizations;
  • Charging an unbelievable price in order to teach us how we can meditate;
  • Putting pressure on us to pay or join at the moment;
  • Invented or discovered this technique themselves, and an even worse thing would be naming it after them. They can also claim obscure connections with ancient contemplative traditions; however, that cannot be verified for true;
  • Portraying themselves as secular organizations while they secretly promote some religious beliefs and practices.

This is how meditation scammers make millions. Remember that you don’t need magic for meditation, but only time to thoroughly learn it. Also, if your teacher is the right one, you may enjoy your journey from the start and even experience its benefits earlier.

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