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Get Ready For Some Powerful Astrological Events This December

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by Conscious Reminder

The year is coming to an end and the last month of the year is here for us. The holiday season is setting in and we are preparing to tie up all loose ends now.

December is not only the end of the year but also the end of the decade. A lot of cosmic actions make it all the more significant for us now. December is here to prepare us for the coming year which will also be pretty intensely charged.

The first important astrological event of the month will be on the second day when Jupiter will be shifting into Capricorn. This shift is taking place after 12 long years.

Jupiter doesn’t exactly thrive when under Capricorn. But right now their energy will be combining to help us prepare for the upcoming months when some other planets will be shifting into Capricorn.

Currently, Saturn and Pluto are situated in the sign of Capricorn. They are joining their powers to bring about major changes in the world order. Governance, economics, and the banking sector will be experiencing changes because of this conjunction.

While their energy will be better felt in the coming year, it will also be palpable this December. Not just on the global scale, personal changes are also on the way. We will be asked to get rid of the things that are not working anymore and break free of our restrictions.

Saturn and Pluto are encouraging us to grow by expanding our boundaries and this theme will be continued in the next year. So December can be utilized to think about the areas where we want to grow and set our intentions straight.

11th December will host a Gemini Full Moon whose energy will be quite challenging. We may have to face harsh truths regarding our finances and relationships. The holiday season tends to focus on both these areas but now the Moon will also add its energy.

The last Full Moon prior to the Eclipse season will help us face the truth of our feelings and our finances and hold us responsible. But the Moon will also guide us as we prepare to take the next step in these sectors.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be on 12th January 2020 but their energy will be intensified during this Full Moon. It will offer us a glimpse of what we can expect when they finally join their powers. They will be working not just for temporary changes. The changes these two will bring about will be transformative and long-lasting.

The Saturn/Pluto alignment is a very rare event, happening every 35-37 years. Such alignments have always had ominous and negative associations with them. But these planets of destruction are also known for their rebuilding powers. So new things will be built when these two are done with their work.

21st December sees the beginning of the Capricorn season along with the Solstice. While the Nothern Hemisphere associates this time with the darkness of the soul, the Southerners celebrate the light.

Irrespective of physical location, Solstices are times to think of future goals and setting the right intentions. The energy of the Capricorn will further help us in setting goals that we can achieve in the coming months.

The Capricorn Solar Eclipse takes place on 25th-26th December which will usher in a new consciousness and some good luck! If we can set some time apart during the Christmas cheer to sit with a candle and meditate, we can successfully raise our vibrations.

Those surrounded by their families can utilize this time to hour our growth. We can also learn valuable lessons from them during this time.

So make the most of the season and enjoy the holidays. If changes are happening around you, it is best not to resist them. Utilize this intense energy now to start the new year on a positive and power-packed note.

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