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Your March 2022 Horoscope Is Here: Are You Ready To Hit The Reset Button?

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by Conscious Reminder

March 2022 kicks off the Astrological New Year, so make sure you have your sequins handy. There will be a Pisces New Moon right at the start, amplifying fresh starts.

Near the end, Aries season will start – the actual date on which the astrological New Year starts. Of course, in between that period, there are several important events with varying energies.

So how will the month play out for your zodiac sign? Here are the predictions:


During this month, the cosmos will encourage you to lean on friends and use your system of support. Be extra attentive to what you dream since your intuition has a message for you. Finally, wish away on the Aries New Moon on March 31st since those wishes will surely come true.


March is the time when Venus, your ruler, gets extra excited. This means exciting news for your finances. Given the situation of the economy, make sure to invest in potentially successful projects even if a huge paycheck is not immediately at hand.


The Pisces New Moon on March 2nd will bring new and exciting opportunities in the professional sphere. However, be careful of drama involving frenemies as Aquarius will host both Venus and Mars. But Mercury should help you with handling such situations.


The March 18th Virgo Full Moon will shine a light on the poet inside you. This will give you a helping hand when it comes to conveying your romantic feelings. However, the primary focus is going to be on money matters. There will be a lot coming your way during the Aries New Moon.


Take advantage of the dual presence of Venus and Mars to let your love know everything that has been on your mind. They will be receptive to the talks and it will also make for a much happier relationship.


March is warning you to be careful regarding isolation. The Pisces New Moon is encouraging new starts in your love life. Expect a lot of transformative experiences during this month. So try out new looks as well as healthy habit changes.


March wants you to be more self-reliant. Now, this does not mean a break-up. But when you are the source of your confidence, others will see you as a better partner. This means an improved relationship, overall. So give more attention to self-care in March.


This month will be all about stepping up and working on your intimacy level in a relationship. The month will also encourage you to sort out any disagreements at home, such as arguments with roommates, etc.


The month will have a dramatic opening, but that’s not something exactly new for you. But wait a bit on serious discussions regarding relationships. Rather, focus on your daily mindfulness as well as cultivate a practice of being grateful. Later in March, when the cosmos is a bit more settled and calm, you will feel optimized and confident.


The Virgo Full Moon at the middle of the month is going to heighten the drama. At that time, remember self-care and rest. It will help out a lot over the long term.


The Pisces new moon will brighten up your financial and professional sphere. Also, during this month, it will be important to look after yourself first. Moreover, the Virgo full moon has some exciting things in store for your bedroom life.


The starting New Moon is a chance for you to learn to be less self-critical. Also, Mercury entering your sign will give you the confidence boost you need to ask out that crush of yours. Be sure to do that. Finally, near the end of the month, expect significant financial opportunities. Be bold when it comes to taking them.

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