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This Is How The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Of July 2019 Will Affect Your Love Life

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July 16 will not only see a Full Moon, but also a Lunar Eclipse which would significantly change your emotions, especially about intimate relationships.

It is necessary to know how much they would be affecting your particular zodiac so you can make sure you have the latest Netflix movies at hand.

Each position of the Moon, along with an eclipse will always teach you the same- leave behind what’s not worth dragging forward.

We know it can be hard, but it needs to be done. Change is inevitable, and the best you can do is be on the safer side of it.

This doesn’t in any way mean that the relationships you already are in, would get destroyed.

Rather, a Lunar Eclipse would ask you to look within yourself for answers to your questions. It will ask you to transform yourself, which would possibly help you look at your relationship in a different light.

Here is how the Full Moon of July 2019 would affect all the zodiacs.


Don’t just keep meeting up on the office again and again- try to go on dates, or maybe a movie marathon. Clear out spaces from your daily schedule and make time for your lover- for if you have made a commitment, you must give it your all.


It is understandable if you are hit with a rush of feelings and are quite scared. Happens to the best of us. All you need to do is retreat to a peaceful setting and try to meditate your way around it. Take your journal in the event of another emotional meltdown.


You are not a bank that people keep asking from you, without giving anything in return. Set boundaries on your time, and love that would make sure that you are not treated like a tissue paper.


Fake friends are really troublesome to your own personal growth and it would be beneficial if you let go of them. So are fickle relationships that don’t really matter at the end of the day. We have all been ghosted at some point – it is time to let go of all that.


Not everything is a competition, and you shouldn’t be treating it as such. Your life should be led in your own way, and you don’t have to get all insecure in case someone is leading a better life- especially if that’s your partner. Good things will happen to you too. All it needs is patience.


Don’t take the bait. Drama is fine, but not now. Be cool, be laidback and play around the full moon defensively. Your partner or crush might try to get a rise out of you just to ensure who is at the top of the power struggle, but don’t bite into that.


Don’t think about dates for the time being. Changes are occurring throughout the horizon and you need to find your place in that. Who you are as a person and where you want to be is what is important right now. Go enjoy a movie all by yourself.


You might as well declare your undying love to someone, or turn into the newest Rembrandt and paint it into a masterpiece, your call.


Money is always an issue, and if you are short on funds during a date night, you need to make sure you are smart enough to spin it around into an equally fun, but free date. Don’t worry, you will manage.


There is no point feeling subservient to someone. You need your own freedom and power back that will allow you to grow as a human being. Spend time on yourself, hype yourself up, and be the confident guy you always were.


Take a trip down memory lane and see what didn’t work. It might hurt revisiting all those memories, but it is necessary that you are not repeating the mistakes you did last time. You need to learn from your mistakes, however painful they may be.


If you think you are being isolated from your own group of friends, it is time to realize your worth in that group. Take a couple of steps back, and examine the group dynamics and your role in it.

Hope this Full Moon gives you that extra spark in your life.

Via Soul Travel Rules

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