You Wouldn’t Want To Miss This April’s Pink Full Moon. This Is What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

by Conscious Reminder

For Aries, this is the time to give vent to their suppressed feelings.

The New Moon made you aware of these emotions you were blocking and you need to let go of them now. Do it in a way which is most suitable for you- write them down, draw them out or talk to someone about them.

Taurus, you need to let go of your characteristic stubbornness a little bit. It will allow you to be more accommodating of others’ views and opinions and help you from lasting partnerships.

The multitasking Gemini needs to pause and take a breather lest they completely drain themselves. Although you might feel like you need to accomplish everything, neglecting your own mental or physical health will only bring woe.

Cancer is a little better off in this regard. The Full Moon will give you a sense of accomplishment and security which means if you feel the need to relax, you will be able to do so without feeling guilty about neglecting your responsibilities. This will help you focus on your goals better with new energy.

For Leo, this is the time to pay attention to their relationships unless it gets too late. This is the best time where you can mend those which you have neglected so far. If you don’t you might never be able to heal those wounds.

Virgo, it is time for you to focus on yourself and look at your own affairs with internal harmony and peace. You are not obligated to solve other people’s drama.

It is time to finish things that you started Libra. Be it your financial transactions, personal projects or relationships. Do not let any ambiguity take place. Focus on getting things done and bring much needed closure to your affairs.

Scorpio, the Full Moon is in your sign and you cannot remain unaffected. You need to give precedence to your personal relationships over your professional ambitions and insecurities. Let your walls down a little bit in order to emotionally strengthen your personal relationships.

Sagittarius, your genuine inclination for being empathetic and trying to heal everyone might be causing you problems. It is ok if you have to help yourself before everyone else, learn to say no. Take some time for yourself to charge your depleted energy levels without feeling guilty about it.

Capricorn, this is the time to strengthen your bonds, both personal as well as communal. Share intimacy with your partner by learning to connect with them emotionally. Also try maintaining links with friends and acquaintances by taking part in social gatherings and outings.

Aquarius, you need to learn to look at how far you’ve come instead of focusing on everything you could have done better. Prioritize your goals and don’t give much thought to things that won’t matter in the long run.

You are in luck Pisces, because this Full Moon promotes your natural inclination to be loving, caring and understanding. You don’t have to maintain any farce and can be completely yourself. Do whatever makes you happy.

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