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5 Signs To Decide If You Are Truly In Love Or Just Attached To Your Partner

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Love has many forms and the complications are endless. At certain points in our relationships, we have all wondered if this is our true love or is this just a passing phase.

Is the bond genuine or just mere attachment? We have 5 easy signs for you which we hope will help you decide if your love is true or not:

1. Selfless Love

No matter how selfish one might have been throughout their whole life, true love will always be selfless for all. The urge to put the other person’s needs before yours would be much higher than fulfilling your own needs. Sometimes you’d even be willing to do things which serve you no good but just to please your partner.

Yet attachment will make you retain your self-interests. You want them around you but they or their needs will never get priority over your own.

2. Possessive Attachment

Love demands trust and security. Their absence won’t make you paranoid. There are no ensuing negative feelings which could potentially threaten your relationship. That is the power of love.

But when you have just attachment for that other one, insecurity would be common. This would lead to possessiveness, especially when they are not just next to you. Suspicions, jealousy, possessiveness – all signs of a relationship based on attachment.

3. Love Gives Power

Love rejuvenates us and injects us with infectious energy. We feel like we can achieve anything in life. But when your relationship is based on attachment only, then it all comes down to a power struggle. Both feel the need to control the other. Neither wants to be left behind so both engage in a futile power struggle over petty matters.

4. Attachment’s An Hourglass

An attachment will feel like limbo for genuine love. Even when a truly loving relationship fails, that person will always have an impact on you. Attachment is the period we spend we someone before finding the perfect one. Eventually, both move on from attachments very soon. But only true love has the potential to survive a lifetime.

5. Passionate Love

Hate is the strongest emotion we can feel after love. So breaking up a true relationship is bound to give rise to intense passions of rage and hatred. All the prior positive emotions turn negative but the intensity would be the same.

But attachments can never elicit such passions. Since the commitment was not there, to begin with, the ending won’t seem all that bad. Sure you might feel sad and alone but that can never be compared to the intensity of love or hatred of a real loving relationship.

We hope you find the real lover of your dreams and have a happy life ahead! And remember, even when things don’t work out, it is probably for your best interests.

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1 comment

Jitka September 6, 2019 - 2:32 am

That last one does not make sense….with real true genuine love….no matter how it ends…..there is no hate……unconditional love is the only love. ….where there is true love…..there is no hate…..passion yes….hate no……


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