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Tonight’s New Moon In Cancer Is Bringing An End To The Turmoil

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by Conscious Reminder

The skies will always give you some respite and time to regroup and catch up emotionally after a rocky period.

The Cancer 2021 New Moon’s unimpeded emotionality is going to be that period of respite. It is time for a break from the recent turns, tumult, and twists. It is time to take shelter in nurturing and comfort.

The Cancer 2021 New Moon will be a time for sanctuary. This is the time to shower your life with tender, sweet feelings while being surrounded by loved ones, savored at home.

The Cancer 2021 New Moon Is Time For Homeliness

The Cancer sign is the Moon’s home. So emotions will run freer than ever here. Instincts that were locked up before we were able to reason, will rule.

The familiar or family rule this turf. It stands for the Mommy; the nurture and guilt, its evil twin; and food as love’s currency. It also means finding shelter in security, rather than braving the untried.

However, revisiting Cancer means that some of such things can also be upended. Licking wounds will not be the least you have to face. Our emotions are in the aftermath of our collective and personal systems being disrupted.

Most recently, the Moon, the Sun, Mars, and Venus were set off in the square of Uranus and Saturn in the previous week. So although we started the process of changing, embraced it, and started to feel the change’s benefits, we are just catching up emotionally.

It could be a very simple effect like wanting to remain at home, although the world is starting to resemble normalcy. It can be wanting to share cooked meals, although the restaurants are welcoming more customers.

Or, it can be wanting to be with the dearest people, although socializing is starting up again. That is, we want to remain in familiar places rather than charging into the large world.

Our past lives are also present in the Cancer 2021 New Moon. It is filled with tradition, wistfulness, sentimentality, and nostalgia. But we will see them through our memories and heart, rather than clarity or reason.

So the details are blurred because of the rose-tinted glasses. The reason can be anything from peace and resolution to escapism or forgiveness.

Do Not Shy Away From Confrontation

But the answer will arrive when inescapable hard truths will be presented on 17th July when the Sun opposes Pluto.

The impending event is already increasing our recognition of what and who feeds us. For now, immerse yourself, even enjoy as the Moon is in a trine with Neptune, the transcendence and illusion planet.

But there is a darker side to the unfettered feed. The greasing emotions will urge you to put an end to issues using logic and truth. It will be spotted easier on the news, rather than in your personal life.

But it can happen in both aspects. So seek to confront anyone who is lying or baiting. Possibly you should ask for the truth before the 17th June opposition between the Sun and Pluto.

For now, let the larger forces handle those issues because you know you want to do that. So get comfortable, prepare a snake, and snuggle up on your couch. It is the time for cookies and milk, literal or symbolic, and then a good nap.

Parting Words

Neptune, its guardian, says the soul will be benefitted by the rest. The event will give life to a dated slogan in advertising: “The pause that refreshes”.

On the matter of “old”, search for this book which was all the rage in the 1980s: Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. It is filled with reminders for this Cancer 2021 New Moon.

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