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Scorpio Pink Full Moon, April 29th, 2018 — Hunger For Power

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by Conscious Reminder 

This April’s Full Moon will occur on the 29th at an angle of 9° in Scorpio Decan 1. This Full Moon’s astrology is not as simple and straightforward as has been for some past Full Moons.

For instance, a T-square formation involving Ceres in conjunction with the north node at an angle of 10° to Leo, along with two triangle and one pentagram formation. All in all, this Full Moon is going to have complex problems with complex solutions. Because every single problem is being worked up on by so many factors.

Remember the Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse which occurred in January? This Scorpio Full Moon might reignite its powerful energies. Weather would be quite unpredictable with Venus on Hyades being prodded by Yod.


The Decan within which this Full Moon falls is not particularly auspicious. The ruling deity is Goddess Kali and the moon is so passionate that is almost sexually insatiable.

Out of this, two outcomes can appear- either total abandonment of norms and ruthless pursuit of passions or an inexplicable fear of your own desires. It is better to sit back and learn from nature.

Nature will always correct any and all flaws in its design, no matter how many hit and trials it take. Consider this period to be one of those. This is a time for change and the one who adapts the fastest will survive. Even though it might bring a lot of trouble for many, this moon can truly bring out the brilliance in you.


The star Syrma has great importance for Christian as well as Islamic tradition. This star will be located within Virgo’s astral skirt. This could be a symbol of protection by spirituality (as priests and monks vestments). All in all, this star brings in the factor of personal accountability.

The formation of Moon square with the star Ceres looks like a loving one in the beginning, but it very well has the power to destroy. This is the kind of narcissistic love that completely smothers the recipient. Scorpio Decan 1 only adds to the severity of the issue.

The Moon’s quincunx with Venus is slightly spooky. It is bringing balance to areas where it shouldn’t. Venus’ presence makes the mother figure, the women to be revered and awed. But it is a paradoxical type of awe, where you both worship and hate the subject. There is also a pentagram present if the witch-like nature of this aspect wasn’t enough for someone.

Moon sextile Saturn is the nicer aspect when compared to the others. This aspect positively influences capability and thus can bring wealth and fortune in the lives of those whom it impacts. But it might also bring some anxiety with regards to your worthiness and talents.


This Full Moon is a time that is best described by the word ‘hunger’, hunger to drive yourself, hunger for sexual energy, hunger for a smothering love. The people most at risk are young girls who are being abused by strangers or worst their own narcissist mothers. A time to be carefully navigated lest you find yourself caught in the ebb and flow of the powers of the Moon.

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