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Lightworkers: The Light & Truth Bearers

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by Conscious Reminder

The lightworkers are the people who create new pathways for everyone, the torchbearers of the planet, who balance the light; their work here is to assist the people in the world to shift to a higher plane of awareness.

They have decided to come to the world and achieve their tasks as lightworkers. They enlighten and illuminate this world with the light they carry within themselves.

Lightworkers are usually healers, each of who have their own methods. Some are teachers, while some work with energy and psychic healing, and for some of them, their methods are subtler.

Sometimes when a lightworker enters the physical world, they might find it difficult to locate the light within themselves. They may not remember the mission or the purpose with which they came, frequently, their light might even be snuffed out completely.

It is in such situations when their own lights are going out, that the lightworker embarks on a voyage of self discovery in order to heal their own selves. A lightworker whose light has gone out is a darkworker, dwelling in the shadows, in an attempt to find a way to reignite the light within their soul.

This is a tough process that lightworkers must undergo, but they always emerge with their lights brightly shining, powerful once more, and all set to recommence their mission.

Gifts and missions of lightworkers.

Every lightworker is assigned a different mission, but their priority is always to help people negotiate the shadows and emerge having found their own light. Lightworkers are responsible for harmonizing the balance between the two energies: fear and love. Excellent at manifesting, they are often able to simply generate things with only their thoughts. They have a distinct ability to be able to offer healing, safety and comfort to everyone,

Intuitive by nature and with extensive psychic prowess, lightworkers are rather energy sensitive. You may stumble upon a lightworker when you are going through a dark and difficult phase, or around your spiritual awakening. Lightworkers assist people in realizing their life’s true purpose.

If you reverberate with the pathway of lightworkers, following are 10 gifts and symbols to identify lightworkers

  1. Your calling is to guide and heal others.
  2. You are empathic and sensitive to energy.
  3. You are gifted with psychic aptitudes.
  4. The environment and animals is something you feel strongly about.
  5. You cannot deny your attraction to the healing arts.
  6. You are aware of your own and other’s fears.
  7. You have undergone a difficult mystical awakening.
  8. While you love people you also need your solitude to recharge.
  9. Your thoughts and ability to manifest is something you are sure of.
  10. You frequently spot the number 911, the battle cry of lightworkers.

In conclusion

Lightworkers are here on Earth to assist in healing the world by healing the people in it. If you identify yourself or another as a lightworker, do revere them and respect their gifts. Without them this world would be a darker place. So are you a lightworker?

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