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Astro Forecast For August 2018: Rise In The Power Of The Lion

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 by Conscious Reminder

Given below is the astrological forecast for the month of August, which has an entry by date, allowing every single Zodiac to apply it to their own lifestyle, without making it exclusive to a particular Zodiac.

The highlighted aspects of August have been the special movement of the extra-terrestrial bodies that have been constantly at motion within themselves. The main events are as follows:

  1. The Solar Eclipse
  2. Jupiter trine Neptune
  3. Uranus has a retrograde on August 7
  4. Mercury directly stations itself on August 19, and Mars follows it on August 27
  5. The Sun, Saturn, and Uranus come together to form a giant trine aspect pattern on August 25
  6. The Moon joins the previously mentioned pattern by transforming into full moon on August 26

August 7

The first Tuesday of August will lead to the Uranus stationary retrograde, which would affect the motion of several other planets, leading to conflicts in the personal as well as the professional side. This can be helped by realizing that being calm is the key, and calmness would lead to the problem being solved.

August 11

Friday would bring forth a solar eclipse that is mainly due to the retrograde of the Mercury, which would also be the reason why the orbits of Jupiter, and Pluto would be a bit disaligned and would confront each other.

According to Roman myths, both Jupiter and Pluto have always been at loggerheads with each other, and this would lead to several problems between both of these, leading to disagreements, debates, controversies, and several other discussions.

The main reason behind this would be a struggle for power, for the greed is always there. The Asteroid Pallas would commence the discussion on feminism and gender.

August 19

On this Sunday, Mercury would be at its best behavior. This harmony would feel watery, that is, it would be soothing, and ever changing. This would reflect on our lives as well. This phenomenon would lead to several behavioral changes in humans, least of whom would be kindness, and an open minded acceptance of everything.

This would also benefit us in a way where we would be in a surrounding where peace and love are aplenty, and nothing would be able to shatter it in a moment. This is the time for love, and reconciliation.

Later On August 19

Later that day, Jupiter trine Neptune would lead to a serious change that you would never have foreseen in your life. This trine leads to epiphanies, where you would find yourself brooding over life, and the questions to life. This will later set you on the path of eternal salvation, or enlightenment. You might have interactions with psychics, and saints, who would set your life on the correct path.

This trine also would lead one to focus externally. Introspection is just a part of it. The person would want to be charitable during this period, because all the principles and values that they will hold true to their heart would reverberate around their existence, making it harder for them to actually ignore their environment.

August 26

The best time of the month to hone your skills, for the conjugation of the Sun and the Moon alone with the planets of Saturn, Uranus would lead to a beautiful kite formation, that would lead to several interesting changes in the life of an individual, namely, it would give them greater clarity, which is something everyone needs. Also, it would function as a talent seeker, for that is what is going to happen. Prosperity is coming your way.

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