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Uranus Is Retrograding In Aries: Everything Comes Into Play

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by Conscious Reminder

Currently, the planet Uranus is in retrograde, and it’s been retrograding for some period now, but another even more significant thing is going to occur too.

While we will wait for the end of this retrograde, which will be on the 6th of January next year, the planet will move from the sign of Taurus in the sign of Aries.

The planet is going to shift in the sign of Aries on the 6th of November, and it is also going to carry some drastic changes with it.

You are going to feel just like being on the edge of advancement when the transition occurs, and you will also begin discovering the solutions to all of the problems in front of you.

Whereas we were aware of the expectations from Uranus being in Taurus, the planet being in this sign is going to bring an entirely dissimilar ballpark.

Every person will feel this retrograde differently – some more intense and some not – however, it will be present in their life for sure.

At the time of the retrograde, you need to work better in order to front your biggest fears, as well as prevail over everything which is not necessary for you, because a sensation of force is going to be present, radiating inside and outside of your being.

The planet Uranus is one who pushes people ahead, so they could feel real and get somewhere. Aries, who is hardworking and determined, will also amplify such things in various ways that you can imagine.

Saying this, the tensions are going to rise at this Full Moon. You may question the relationships you have in ways which are not supposed to occur.

There will be a consequence for each pushing of the boundaries. Tension will also rise, and you can feel flighty, so try to pass all that, or you can think better, before you start something.

The period between the 6th of November and the termination of the retrograde, you will really think that some things have to undergo a change, and such thoughts can bring you everywhere you want.

What will also make an enormous contrast in your life is when you do your best expressing yourself, as well as taking the lead. When Uranus travels through the sign of Aries, we are all going to feel a vibrant charge. We also have the urge to return to the person we were.

You can watch the video given below, in order to find some more information about the period that comes.

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