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Helicopter Parenting: Is Bubble-Wrapping Your Kids Hurting Them?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It looks like there are numerous young individuals these days that feel overwhelmed and helpless.

Also, they feel stressed and anxious, and they do not trust in their capacity for solving problems. Actually, these people feel like they are victims in their own lives.

There are two kinds of experiences from their childhood which will make them feel like that.

When they were kids, they probably experienced trauma, as well as child abuse which left them with the feeling of learned helplessness, and they also suffered the over protection of the bubble-wrapped children, so they failed to develop some strong feelings of accountability, autonomy, as well as confidence.

Trauma experiences can leave permanents scars. So, the feelings of overwhelming or helplessness of this young individual can last forever.

Trauma and abuse can be debilitating, so when an adult person hurts a child, and there is no someone else who will come to rescue or protect that child, that child will be left with the well-known learned helplessness, or even with some beliefs that he will never have the ability to escape some similar sufferings when he becomes an adult. When he becomes an adult, he will feel unable to taking care for himself.

However, what just a small number of people take into consideration is how, in fact, debilitating can be to be brought up by such parents who actually bubble wrap their kids.

When it comes to difficulties, victim-mentality is another feeling of helplessness.

Growing up being abused and hurt all the time can be a terrible experience, but another even worse thing can be when their parents do some things which their kids should learn to do on their own, or at times when they protect their kids from every single hurt, even loss or some disappointment.

So, it is quite clear that experiencing trauma may be exceptionally damaging, but overprotection and coddling can also have some similar results because the bubble-wrapped children will not build the needed resilience and skills which are going to enable her or him to manage some inevitable pains and challenges in their lives.

Victim-mentality is also a feeling of fearfulness, as well as the absence of confidence, as well as experiencing self-doubt. People with this problem often believe that they are not able to manage the stresses in their lives and that others are much better prepared to manage those issues than they themselves are.

Those young individuals who are traumatized usually grow up with such feelings, but a lot of bubble-wrapped children too, the ones that grew up with helicopter parents. Actually, it is simply not only the existence of trauma and abuse but also the excessiveness of parental smothering which prevents these young people from becoming a person full of power and confidence.

The most effective cure for neglected, as well as traumatized and abused people are spending some time on the process of healing emotional pains and wounds which come from their childhood and developing a profound and permanent sense of self-love and confidence, trusting in their capacity to handle everything that life brings on their way.

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