The Taurus New Moon On May 15th Is Bringing Powerful And Surprising Energies Of Creation

by Conscious Reminder

This month’s New Moon will take place when the clock strikes 5:47 in the morning, MST. And thus on 15th May we will witness a New Moon in Taurus at an angle of 24˚ 36′.

Talking about the bull zodiac, it embodies creation of the world we see; our body and the nature around us. Since Taurus stands for creation, it is also closely related to whatever that has been created in the past. And thus with Taurus we can embrace our past too.

As far as the exact location of the New Moon is concerned, the primary degree; that is 24 translates to 6 as per numerology. The number 6 represents the power of creativity, especially one of intellectual kind. It supports the power of imagination and love. The number 6 connects everything that has come before and is to come after.

This number is also associated with new beginnings, building something and being responsible and dutiful. Those individuals who are connected with this number are often the ones to whom nurturing and loving comes naturally because they seeks peace and harmony even as they build new foundations for those around them.

This number is also closely associated with Venus and Uranus, among tarot cards The lovers and the day Friday. This is one of the feminine numbers.

Another important event immediately following the New Moon is Uranus’ transition into Taurus. This hasn’t happened for the past 84 years, last time it did was in 1934, between June 7 and October 9.

Following which was a period of Uranus retrograde in the house of Aries, a pattern which will be repeated this time around too. It made another transition into Taurus the very next year on March 28, and continued there until 1941, August 7th.

Such events where a planet has transitioned into a different sign, brings along with them quite an upheaval in the energies. The last time this happened, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and Stalin all took positions of prominence in world politics.

There were definitely a lot of forces at work to make certain things happen, but the power of Uranus Ingress cannot be ignored as well.

Aries and Aquarius are ruled by Uranus. As Uranus is leaving Aries, so is Mars entering Aquarius. For a little time, the two planets would be squaring each other directly at the time of the New Moon.

Overall, it marks a time that will see changes. A lot of them and most of them will come as a surprise to most of us. Be prepared for things that you did not anticipate at all. This New Moon is marked with creative and innovative energy.

Taking into consideration the involvement of Taurus and Uranus and Aquarius- this is a hopeful time for humanitarian ventures. We might even see some shifts in the value systems we have held so far.

Uranus will also come in contact with Mercury, just a couple of days before the New Moon. This is the combination of great intellects. So be prepared for new creations or discoveries which might have a great impact on the world.

The lovers card in tarot studies also mean that this is the time for Love. More specifically- when two people come together, share better intimacy and understanding of each other which creates love. We need to look at this beyond the concept of romantic relationships. Our world needs understanding among its people.

Let us hope this New Moon is able to make people come together, understand and value their differences and move ahead, together. All of this is possible. The time is ripe. The only thing needed now is our action.

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