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Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse On 16th July – Balancing Your Personal & Professional Life

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by Conscious Reminder

On July 16th, the partial Lunar Eclipse will take place. It will happen on a Full Moon. Lunar eclipses are powerful and focus mostly on the relationship angle of things.

You may end up in a sudden crisis during this period and such a crisis can often result in a huge relationship issue. Either you will need to adjust according to your needs and wants or you might even have to cut out a relationship.

It will be painful but there must be some reason for doing it, right? However, it’s not only personal relationships that this eclipse focuses on. It talks about our relationship with our health and our spiritual side too. Hidden things might start coming up to the surface.

You will start articulating certain felling during the Full Moon period which was brewing inside but was not rationalized completely. Lunar Eclipse is potent enough to last for about 6 whole months.

This time, the eclipse will take place at 24 degrees in Capricorn and will be in opposition to the sun present in 24 degrees of Cancer. Hence, it is a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse involves the Capricorn-Cancer axis and hence, it will push us to find our needs and desires about our lives. We have to find the balance necessary between public lives and home affairs controlled by Cancer and our reputation and rewards controlled by Capricorn.

There is a polarity that exists between the two – one is about unconditional love and the other is loaded with conditions. Cancer enhances the value of our roots – the Home, while Capricorn makes us more responsible.

While Cancer is about the origin, Capricorn is about the objective. We can’t neglect either and the Full moon will help us find the balance.

Commitment will be the theme during the Full moon – a commitment to the families or our jobs. We have the energy of the universe within us. The rest of the year will be powerful. But sometimes, we fight with ourselves, our inner emotions.

The Full moon lights up this zone and brings awareness in this area. It is about bringing our ‘lack’ of life in the front and then, providing us with the opportunity to discover ourselves emotionally.

Relationships will be challenged and strengthened at the same time. We will have epiphanies. We will have drama. But in all of this, we will come to an understanding. The eclipse in the Capricorn and Cancer axis is truly stimulating.

During Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, your emotions will be triggered and at a heightened state. Look at 24 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn on your birth chart. The Eclipse gives the push to change your life.

You will have some dramatic turns in your path to progress further. Everything that happens during this time is special and will affect you emotionally. Just be in touch with your deeper emotions. Change is coming to you.

There will be a state of heightened consciousness with regards to flaws when the Lunar Eclipse arrives. Capricorn will bring structures to our lives. Our decision will be both drawn from emotions and from power structures.

The Lunar Eclipse is taking place when Pluto is in opposition to Mercury and the Moon itself is in alignment with Pluto. It brings us into urgent action.

So, are you ready to connect with your emotions?

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