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Big Energy Shift As Mercury Enters Taurus – Time To Focus, Slow Down & Think

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Mercury enters Taurus from May 13 to May 29.

Mercury finds a sturdy environment in the Earth sign Taurus. Mercury is the planet that rules the mind, influencing the way we think and communicate. Taurus is a very practical and determined sign that, when energized by Mercury, can help turn our loose ideas into real plans. Concrete values and practical perspectives are likely to take on greater significance for all of us during this transit.

Imagination and wishful thinking take a back seat while Mercury moves through Taurus. Instead of wandering conversations and fresh thoughts, we are given the gift of stability. We’re able to take our time, plan our path, and create strong foundations than can benefit our future.

When Mercury is in Taurus

Mercury’s transit through practical Taurus is a time when common sense rules. Taurus is a sign that is very connected to the material world, so there’s an extra emphasis on what’s real during Mercury in Taurus. This isn’t a time for flights of fancy — it’s about focusing on the things that are going to bring us the most tangible results. Instead of coming up with creative new ways of thinking and doing things, we should stick to what we know works now.

Mercury generally excels at flexibility, but Taurus is arguably the least flexible of all the zodiac signs. So while Mercury travels through Taurus, we may find ourselves digging in and taking rigid positions when opposed by different ideas, concepts, or facts. It’s imperative that we don’t lose our ability to stay open-minded so we can overcome this stubborn resistance to whatever is new or different.

Taurus is a very focused sign that doesn’t get sidetracked easily. During this transit, we have a heightened ability to solidify plans, garner support, and make major forward progress. Our interactions with others are calm and purposeful, keeping drama and distraction to a minimum so we can keep our eyes on our most important goals.

Your Checklist for Mercury in Taurus: It Just Got Real.

With Mercury in Aries, communication, thoughts, and discussions were highly charged. Journeying into Taurus however, Mercury takes on an entirely different flavour. This will be a period of slowing down, thinking things through, and quieting the mind to stay grounded in what is real. You want to think before you speak on almost every occasion. This is not one of those transits where you follow your heart. Follow your head this time around, but take your heart with you.

Don′t make assumptions off of your first impressions like you did when the Fire Signenergy of Aries was hot and heavy. Instead, allow first impressions to build up slowly. Let your first experience with someone or something slowly percolate, and wait a day or two before you make a definitive decision about anyone.

Think of the bricklayer when you are trying to accomplish something. The bricklayer does not complete a project in one day. Slowly but surely, one brick at a time, they carefully consider every brick′s placement and chemistry with the foundation they have created. So too shall you, and you shall see success in this transit in all of your work and love endeavours. Not sure how to approach a serious conversation with someone you love? Send a test balloon. Offer a little unrelated secret or tidbit and see how it′s received. You may be surprised. Just lay one brick at a time. Mercury will be moving on eventually, but Taurus as a Fixed Sign never will. Whatever bricks you lay right now are the ones meant to last.

Be cautious and patient. Mercury in Taurus is not about rushing to the finish line. You are the ever present tortoise, slowly sneaking your way to the end game. Don′t be overly optimistic, but rather stay positive as Taurus always does.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus rules love and beauty among many other splendid things. Being connected to Mother Earth makes Taurus practical, but also very sensual. Play with your sensual and tactical side! What feels good on your fingertips? A pretty new satin or silk scarf or even some new sheets can make all the difference in your day. This transit is about enjoying and relishing those simple pleasures in life. Treat yourself! Bring that into your conversations. “I love the way you smell today!” Soon, you′ll have the objects of your affection wrapped around your gorgeous little finger.

Taurus shoots from the hip and doesn′t offer any bull or bones about it. This is a sign that is rooted in reality, so don′t expect to play games in love or life and get very far. Mercury in Taurus will reveal the real whether you want it to or not, so you′re better off keeping your hands and your communications clean and honest. You don′t want the bull to come after you.

Create something that you are inspired by. Taurus loves to get their hands dirty in the garden or in their latest crafty obsession. Create something and use it to communicate something to someone you love. Your effort will be rewarded! This is also a wonderful time to take those crafts and hobbies and try to make some money from them. Taurus is one of the best zodiac signs with money, and this could prove to be a lucrative period for you, or at least the start of one, if you put your mind to it the way that Mercury loves for you to do.

Be consistent. If you want results, especially in your work or primary partnerships, don′t say one thing one day and another the next. Say what you mean and mean what you say. This reliability and consistency will pay off big time. You can′t keep changing your mind on something or someone and then expect people to feel the same about you. Wishy-washy is neither sexy nor successful. Stay steady and so will others, in work and in love.

Expect others to be slow moving when it comes to decisions. Waiting for someone to make their mind up about something? Don′t pressure them. This is a slow period for the mind, and you WANT people to take time to think over your latest proposition. It is beneath Taurus to be impulsive, so rushing anyone right now will backfire.

Don′t be afraid to be a little stubborn! Maybe you′re the one being pressured and rushed. It′s okay to say no, and it′s okay to ask others to wait for you to make the best possible decision for you. Mercury can definitely be a little finicky and sometimes even flighty. But as a Fixed Sign, Taurus is Fixed to their belief system and definitely is not flighty. So take your time too, and don′t let anyone else pressure you otherwise.

Concluding Thoughts…

And there you have it folks! All that you need to know about how to engage in real talk to your fullest advantage with Mercury in Taurus. These principles can be used in work or in love. Remember that this is a more steady and practical transit than competitive Mercury in Aries, and this will bring a nice breath of relief to all zodiac signs. Take your time. As above, so below.

What big plans are you hoping to bring forward during this next Mercury transit? I can′t wait to find out!

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