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A Big Relationship Mistake That Can Be Fixed Easily

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by Conscious Reminder

According to relationship experts, many connections that ended in acrimony because of one particular mistake could have been salvaged.

What is the mistake? It is actually one of the simplest ones: minor misunderstandings that keep building up till the relationship explodes.

In the present world, communication is theoretically easier. However, in reality, it has become so much more complicated and complex. As such, there are even higher chances of misunderstandings happening. If we are quick to assume that a person has been rude or hostile, then we do not hesitate to reply with anger. This becomes a one-way path to a relationship collapse.

We Are Quick To Make Simple Misunderstandings – The Biggest Mistake

If we browse through social media, we can see how much we tend to make assumptions after hearing someone else’s words. Many times, we perhaps go through one particular email and immediately assume that the other person is slighting us. However, there is always the possibility that it is nothing more than a misunderstanding.

Technology has made it difficult to decipher the tone of messages. For instance, we can hardly ever tell if a text is sarcastic, unlike when we talk face-to-face. However, if the tone appears to be negative, our immediate response is to retaliate. As a result, our response can make the sender upset and confused. Consequently, the sender may then retaliate with an angry response because they did not know the reason behind our response. In this way, misunderstandings can build up and bring a bitter end to the connection.

To avoid this scenario, we must clarify before assuming. Rather than go with the first reaction that comes to mind, we must ask ourselves if the sender really meant to offend us.

If there is a grain of doubt, then we should try to clarify the sender’s intentions. For instance, in the previous example, imagine if you had stopped and asked yourself the question before firing off the retaliation, then the whole situation may have been avoided.

Imagine, because of your uncertainty, you texted them about their intention politely or called them up. The sender could have clarified themselves, ending the misunderstanding, and the relationship would not have suffered.

Pause And Clarify – That’s All It Needs

This is what makes assuming conclusions even sadder. The solution is extremely close by, yet we may tragically lose a close relationship due to a misunderstanding. Today’s world is all about instantaneousness.

As such, we must incorporate pauses in between everything. We must take a break and listen to ourselves when an issue upsets us. We must gain complete certainty about the situation and, if needed, gain clarification.

Asking for an explanation is very simple. We can inform them that we had received the text but did not understand its meaning and then ask if they can kindly explain it better. Clarification begins with asking and then listening to the answer.

The process must continue until you gain complete certainty of the person’s intended meaning. Asking for clarifications, contrary to assuming conclusions, does not usually make the other party defensive. Rather, they will probably give you a more honest and direct answer.

In conclusion, we should tune in to our feelings after noticing we are upset. This is vital to prevent us from making harmful assumptions. It is the first action that you can take to prevent tragic misunderstandings.

The second and equally important step will be to seek clarity. This lets us maintain long-lasting and healthy relationships while preventing hurt feelings.

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