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The Black New Moon In Leo Will Give You The Chance To Grow Your Wealth

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by Conscious Reminder

31st July would be host to the New Moon, which would fall at 8° Leo Decan 1. Praesaepe, one of those fixed stars, would be aligned to the New Moon inside the beehive. It would also be in conjunction with Venus, while squaring Uranus.

The trope of Leo Decan 1 is family and ancestors. Although the New Moon itself wouldn’t have much power to do anything, the very presence of it would lead to an influx of material wealth.

This could come through family inheritance, or just plain bequeathing things from one generation to the other. The Leo Decan 1 and the New Moon it represents focus mostly on family traits- honesty, loyalty and values.

But it would also ask one to identify with their family at all costs, even if they have a rift between themselves.

The Fixed Star Praesaepe

A New Moon in this position, after being aligned with Praesaepe, would lead to the hive mind in the family working at a hyperdrive. Although it would be tough to stop or change course to any undesirable behavioral patterns, it would also lead to a reverence towards the old in the family.

The connection that we share with our ancestors would definitely bring our sprit guides closer, for not only will it be comforting to have someone at our back, but it would also increase our confidence.

This might be a great time for one to start meeting newer family, and reconnecting with those you haven’t spoken in a long while. But, on the other hand, it might also lead to a lot of skeletons coming out of the closet, which could get quite nasty.

The Beehive

Since Praesaepe is present in the crab’s heart, most astrologers focus on the shifty side of it along with the addiction problems it brings.

Ebertin mentioned how one would observe a desire for stimulants, drugs and alcohol. Robson directly attacked Praesaepe calling it as a host for diseases, insolence and brutality.

Praesaepe has been said to be of an evil outlook. People affected by it could be involved in murders, shootings, accidents, etc. And when Praesaepe rises, it gives into more problems like blindness, stab wounds, exile etc.

With Praesaepe’s identity as a nebula, it is probably useful that there is always an alternative at hand. The blindness this Nebula brings can be considered to be an ability into seeing other dimensions. But previously, it was thought to be a handicap.

Aspects of New Moon July 2019

Moon conjuncts Venus

When Moon conjuncts Venus, we are all in the lap of luxury, not working much but getting it all. We are in the right place at just the right time, and we expect all the abundance that we can get. But it would also lead to us being exploited by others because we are wide open. Moon conjuncting Venus is all about peace and desire so people would try to be harmonious.

Moon Squaring Uranus

Moon squaring up with Uranus would lead to people trying very hard to place their roots down. But to no avail. It could be a result of a trauma suffered at childhood or a literal expulsion into this world, but your average ‘loving’ relationship will not be appreciated by other people. They find it smothering.

Venus squaring Uranus

Venus squaring Uranus would give out a great sparkle, along with being extremely dynamic. One would seek great amounts of freedom in their relationship more than just trying to be ‘socially’ acceptable.

It would all lead to them exploring more about themselves. Not just relationships, but any creative outlet would have people touched by this moon constantly trying to shift and morph out of the boundaries placed on them.

People would try to shake down the very foundations of what makes us in order to see what’s behind the veil. And they would gain increasing popularity as they revolutionize every bit of it.

Even though the aspects would be totally different from Leo Decan 1, the ‘hive cluster’ would thrive wherever you place yourself in. It won’t leave your side that easily.

So, try to find the right path for you this New Moon. Best of luck.

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