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What Each Zodiac Sign’s 2018 Summer Vibe Will Be: Find What You’ve Been Looking For

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As we entered the month of May we could already feel that summer is just around the corner. With the greater dose of sunshine warming our face, sprouting flowers all over fresh cut lawns, and warm air filling the sky, we can’t wait any longer to jump right into the most awaited season.

It’s no wonder why we get so excited about the hottest season. With the endless beach days, partying into the sunrise with friends, and a generally more relaxing atmosphere, it’s the exact change we need in our lives.

What better way to start fresh than with the summer season!

That’s why we’ve come up with a perfect list to let you know what your summer vibe will be based on your Zodiac sign. This list will give you the perfect inspiration on what you’ll probably be focusing on during the summer with the help of astrology.

Aries Woman: By The Sea, By The Lake, Or By The Pool

It’s safe to say that there’s a huge chance that you were a mermaid in your past life because you just can’t get out of the water. Whether you’re out in the open ocean snorkeling with the fish or catching a wave with cute surfers, you’re totally built for the sea.

If you happen to not be able to head out to the ocean this summer, your heart is still going to long for the water! Make sure you find an alternative such as heading up north to spend some days on the lake with your closest friends and family. This will let you truly relax and feel much more rejuvenated going into the future.

Don’t worry if you don’t happen to find yourself on the shore of an ocean or at a lake.

That’s what pools were made for girlfriend! Pick up some sunscreen, a couple magazines, a towel, and most importantly a swimsuit and head over to your local pool to grab some vitamin D and a light tan. The water is your ideal environment to immerse yourself into and feel alive swimming through. Don’t ignore your naturally calling to hit the waves and experience the water this summer!

Aries Man: Out And About In Nature

Similarly to your female Aries counterpart, your Zodiac sign is pulling you out into the wild this summer to experience nature in its most authentic form. Pack up your car this summer and grab your buddies to hit the road out of the city and towards any natural habitat that catches your eye. Immerse yourself in the essence of nature by ditching your phones and laptops to do a full social media cleanse. It will allow you to truly reconnect with yourself and the creatures around you.

Trust us when we say that running away from the city is what you need to unplug fully. If you’re not able to fully ditch your priorities and spend a few days in the wild, find some hobbies that will let you experience the beauty of nature. Mountain biking is a great activity that will get you outside and deep in the forest. If you just can’t find yourself being able to get lost in nature, try heading out for some picnics and walks at nearby parks. This will allow you to de-stress and get some fresh air while still in town. Make sure to follow these tips to let your inner Zodiac sign reconnect with it’s elements.

Taurus Woman: Outdoor Festivals And Endless Nights

Summer is the perfect time to let loose and gain some new memories. Remember, no one remembers the nights that they got plenty of sleep, but instead the endless nights you spend having fun with your friends.

Head out to some outdoor festivals this summer to truly unlock your inner summer vibe.

Get dressed up in some super cute outfits filled with frills, glitter, and fringe to listen to your favorite artists and bands perform. There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite songs with your friends while sunset rolls around. Take some fun Snapchat photos to show off your Zodiac’s summer vibe!

Since summer is the time to party and explore, let loose as the night time comes around and head out with your friends. There are so many ideas to try out such as throwing a party, making a bonfire, or hitting the water for some late night dips! Let out your inner rebellious teenager and live in the moment while making the most iconic memories you will never forget. These endless summer nights are also the time to look into any love interest you may have lined up. Everyone feels much freer and more alive during the summer, making it the perfect time to try new things and go wild!

Taurus Man: Working Out And Playing Sports

It’s almost a cliché at this point to talk about working out for the summer to get your ‘summer bod’. However, it’s many people’s number one priority as the warm weather calls for fewer layers and showing off some skin. That’s why your Zodiac sign is consumed with working out and getting fit to look their best!

You will be obsessed this summer with working out and getting fit so that you turn some heads as you walk past. If this isn’t the motivation you need, then know that you’ll also be getting much more healthier. Your body will be incredibly strong and you’ll feel much more alive as your body is in shape.

Summer is also the time for you to pick up your passion of playing sports! Grab a basketball, or volleyball plus your friends and head out to your neighbourhood court or net and play a few games. There is almost nothing better than being able to play sports from sunset to sunrise, and then from sunrise to sunset because the air is so warm. This is your chance to bond with your buddies on the best workout methods and playing a few rounds of ball.

Gemini Woman: Self Creation And Meditation

A Gemini might be the most self-analytic Zodiac sign that there is! That’s why your number one priority when summer rolls around is to lay low and recreate yourself. It’s safe to say that you will be under construction during the summer months to become the person you truly want to become.

You will be consumed with your internal and external progress during the summer to become the best version of yourself. Pick up all of the books that you’ve been planning on reading to expand your mind and knowledge. You’ll totally be working out this summer to make sure your health is at it’s highest it’s ever been. Make sure to learn a few healthy recipes to make in bulk to be sure your eating cycle is as productive as every other part of your life.

A great activity for you to add to your summer self-creation is to meditate!

This will teach you the valuable skill of letting your mind fully relax and stop racing with those constant stressful thoughts. Your summer vibe will be all about bettering yourself, and meditation will let you start from your mind. It’s safe to say that summer will be the ideal months to become the person you desire to become. We believe in you!

Gemini Man: Reading, Learning, And Growing

Similarly to your female Gemini counterpart, your summer will be consumed with your personal internal growth to become the best version of yourself. The best way for you to develop yourself is by picking up some self-help, business, and productivity books to learn how to excel in your busy life! Don’t forget to pick up some basic non-fiction books to expand your knowledge in various subjects you may be passionate about!

Your Zodiac sign understands how critical it is to continue learning during the summer, even though it’s usually a pretty chill period of the year. You’ll be consumed with figuring out how to excel your personal growth and we recommend taking a summer course if you’re still in school! This will let you focus on your studies and earn a credit while most of your other friends are out partying. The best part of taking a summer course is it will keep you sharp and increase your intellectual growth! Even better, teachers are much more chill during the summer letting your workload be a little easier. Make sure to take advantage of this time of the year, as summer is your time to learn and excel in your passions.

Cancer Woman: Getting Artistic

With the warm summer breeze and the laid-back attitude, it’s the perfect time to relax and let your creative juices flow. As your Zodiac sign is one of the most creative, make sure to let out your inner artist and try some new things!

If you’re already a passionate artist, let summer be your few months to let loose and create endless streams of art. If you’re new to art, try out some different mediums such as oil paintings, watercolors, or drawing. If you feel like you aren’t the best in these fields, try a pottery class or even a different type of art.

Getting artsy doesn’t mean getting covered in multiple colors of paint, but can also be writing poetry, singing, making movies, or directing.

Let your creative juices flow out and you will be wonderfully surprised as to what you can do when you set your mind to it! Since Cancer women are one of the most dedicated signs out there, you will 100% finish any artistic project you feel like starting. If you’re stuck on what you should try out, perhaps take up learning an instrument, make a mood board collage of ideas, or write your autobiography. Summer is the time for you to let loose and unlock your inner artist!

Cancer Man: Money, Money, And Money

As one of the most dedicated and creative signs, you will be consumed this summer with finding the best ways to increase the size of your wallet and your bank account! While your friend’s summer vibe may be partying and drinking, you’ll be much more consumed with taking up some working opportunities. Look into a summer internship into your dream field to test out the profession before jumping into it for the rest of your life. Luckily, you’ll be able to earn a few bucks while at your internship!

If you’re not sure what you want to do exactly, try picking up a part-time summer job to gain some experience and make some cash. Whether it’s jobs around your neighborhood such as delivering the paper, walking dogs or mowing people’s lawns, you will for sure be dedicated to finding the perfect way to make some money. If you cant find any gigs within your neighborhood, try checking out any opportunities in your local town to take up during the summer. You never know where you will find the best job to fit your schedule!

Don’t forget that even though your focus is on finding the best way to make the most amount of money you’ll also be picking up some new skills and experiences to add onto your resume in the future!

Leo Woman: Sipping A Mojito By The Pool

What better activity to do during the summer than relax by the water and sip on a cocktail? None! You’re totally done with all of the stress of school or work and are ready to throw in the towel and take a dip in the water. Truthfully told, you deserve it too!

Your Zodiac sign might as well have been destined to relax during the most beautiful months of the year! Consider picking up a pool membership to your favorite spot in town and relax by the water reading the latest articles while gossiping with your girlfriends about the cute lifeguard on duty.

This is your time to lay out by the pool and get the most killer tan with a sun-kissed glow.

Take the next couple of months to yourself and part take in any activity that will leave you relaxed and refreshed. Read a book by the water, take up a yoga class, or go for drinks with your friends. This is your season to focus on you and de-stressing every cell in your body to feel better than ever. Based on a Leo’s hectic life, you better ditch your priories and take this time to relax!

Leo Man: Catching Up On Movies, TV Shows, And Music

As the year is in a constant array of chaos and busyness, summer is your moment to chill out and de-stress. We recommend catching up on your passions that you had to put on the back burner during your busy year. All of the movies you couldn’t see in theatre because you had a paper due, the TV shows you couldn’t even start because work was too hectic, or the latest album from your favorite artist? Catch up on them!

This is your time to lay back, grab a snack, pour yourself a drink, and cozy up on your bed to binge on all of your favorite content! We can all get behind when it comes to our list of latest movies and TV shows on Netflix. You deserve to chill out and spend most of the day watching your favorite stuff. If you happen to feel bad about staying indoors watching movies, relocate outside to your patio or even to a blanket on the grass! An even better idea is inviting your friends over for a movie night to make an event out of it! Sometimes relaxing with your friends and catching up on everything is even more fun than partying all night long until sunrise.

Virgo Woman: A Professional Beach Bum

While being a professional beach bum might not be the most realistic profession (unless you’re an Instagram model), summer is your time to take it up part-time. Ditch work, school, and any other thing holding you back and hit the road to head up to the beach!

There are some principles you will have to keep in mind during your endeavor, which includes being loaded up on sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 to avoid burns and premature aging, staying hydrated on water and nutrient dense fruits, and most importantly grabbing your headphones, books, and magazines!

Jump into the water to refresh yourself while burning some extra calories from all the swimming you’ll be doing. Even though a Virgo is the biggest beach bum out of all of the signs, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be moving! Pick up a game of beach volleyball, try paddle boarding, or even go for a beach run. All of these activates will let you feel super productive while still having fun in the sun and relaxing in the sand. Go back to your childhood roots and build some sand castles at the shore or looking for shells. Hit the waves to surf and chat with the locals about fun activities to do nearby. Summer is your season so seize the day!

Virgo Man: Taking Up New Hobbies

Like a Virgo woman, a Virgo man has to run away from his usual life and take up fun new hobbies during the warm summer season. Prioritise yourself this summer and do whatever makes you happy! Whether it’s going back to your old roots and picking up past hobbies that you enjoyed, or trying something new, summer is the season for change.

While summer is the time usually to relax, your fast-paced character would rather feel relaxed and productive at the same time. That’s why we recommend taking up a fun hobby that’s intertwined as a beneficial skill at the same time. Try partaking in some physical hobbies that will keep you active and healthy at the same time. Call up your buddies for a pickup sports game, or go for a run with your dog. Either way, you’ll be outside and have a new hobby to try out.

If you’re feeling a more intellectual hobby we recommend learning a new language, instrument, or polishing up on your work skills. Try attending a seminar or workshop to freshen up on your career and excel your resume. This is your time to take up something new while bettering your skill set.

Libra Woman: Catching Up With Family

We all know that the school year can get incredibly busy and stressful, causing us to forget about our loving family. Take your new free time that rolls around during the summer to pay tribute to the people around you who endlessly support you in everything that you do!

Reconnect with your family members by doing some activities together to re-kindle your relationship and bond.

Even if you’ve lost touch with your family, make it your summer priority to communicate with them and rebuild the connection. At the end of the day sometimes the only people who will truly have our back are the ones we are tied to in blood!

Do something nice for your parents such as taking them out to a picnic in the beautiful summer weather or by cooking dinner once in a while. It’s the small acts that truly make a difference. One of the best pieces of advice our team can give you is to find family activities to partake in such as berry picking, BBQ’s, kayaking, renovations, or tennis. There are a multitude of different activities that each member of the family will enjoy. Communicate with your family on what they’re interested in and finding something that suits everyone!

Libra Man: Launching Your Own Company

While your friends are out and about during the summer partying it up and napping on the beach, this is your moment to excel your career by launching your dream company.

The entrepreneur spirit within the Libra man is sharp and ready to chase all of its dreams! Take a few weeks to come up with your exact business plan and spend the rest of the summer putting it into action. You know that it will be immensely challenging and never-ending, however, the hunger in you to follow your dreams and succeed will not stop you.

Summer is the time for you to buckle down and forget about school and work to launch your future company. When else are you going to get the chance to work at it other than during the summer months of freedom? Take all of the ideas and blueprints you’ve been gathering throughout the years and finally put them into action by creating your own business. There is nothing stopping you other than yourself from achieving your goals and creating the life you desire to live! Buckle down this summer and create your dream company. If you feel as if you are still unsure of what you exactly want to do with your business, we recommend taking more time this summer to follow up with your passions and generate some new potential opportunities.

Scorpio Woman: Long Dreamed Europe Trip

With all of the iconic photos that celebrities keep posting on social media of lavish vacations across Europe, they definitely fill us with envy. Yet, with summer rolling around it’s finally our time to fulfill our social media model dreams and travel to the most exotic locations across Europe and make new memories!

You’ve been saving up your pennies throughout the year to finance your dream Europe vacation and you couldn’t be more excited.

It’s finally your chance to pack your luggage, hop on an airplane and travel overseas to some of the most beautiful countries.

Stopping by Italy to eat endless pasta, pizza, and desserts that will leave you barely fitting back into your jeans! Don’t forget to stop by the shores of Italy where the water is crystal blue and is a mirrored reflection of the sky.

Stop by France to take your dream photo near the Eiffel Tower and go on a shopping spree. If you’re feeling daring try some Escargot! If you feel like taking the more basic route stock up on some cheese, wine, and baguettes and head to the park to enjoy a mini picnic. C’est la vie!

Wherever your European trip will take you, it will for sure be a dream vacation!

Scorpio Man: Living Life To The Fullest

It’s time for you to finally let loose this summer and live life to the fullest it can possibly be! As a Scorpio, you usually take a safer route throughout life with everything in order. Yet, this summer it’s time to let the chaos break loose and dive into your wide side to make some killer memories.

Try taking up something risky like going skydiving. That will for sure leave you feeling alive and full of adrenaline wanting to do it all over again! Or maybe go snorkeling to experience the deep blue ocean and the whole world that’s alive under water!

If you still feel like playing it a little more safe, then just try some new things you never thought you would! Throw a crazy party with your friends that would rival Project X, or take a road trip across the country to make amazing memories. You have to step outside of your comfort zone and explore endless opportunities to grow as a person! Summer is your time to let loose and go a little crazy to live your life to the fullest. Forget about playing it safe and see how much you’re willing to expand during the warmest months.

Sagittarius Woman: Falling In Love

As one of the most emotional Zodiac signs, a Sagittarius woman might find herself falling in love during the summer season. With endless nights, constant beach parties, and spending time out and about through town it’s no wonder you might find your perfect match this summer.

Let go and experience some new moments that might lead you closer to finding your next lover! Whether it’s a summer fling or the real deal, hit up some new people this summer to see if you can kindle a new relationship.

Don’t be surprised if you fall head over heels for someone this summer as your sign’s gravitational pull is heading towards love.

If you’ve already in a relationship, get prepared to experience some changes. It might become rocky with you and your bae because there’s a chance someone new will fall into the picture. Think carefully if you’ll want to look into your new love interest or stay with your current partner.

Whether your new summer romance is only for the season or continues into fall, remember to always love yourself first! At the end of the day, the only person who will always stick by your side during difficult moments is you! Remember to fall in love with yourself first this summer before anyone else.

Sagittarius Man: Professional Party Animal

Let yourself loose this summer by becoming a professional party animal! We know you’ve been waiting for these warm summer months to hit to lay back and experience every party in town. Whether during the day or night, you’re ready to open up a few cold ones and hang out with your friends.

You’ll be all over the beach during the day hanging out with huge groups of people living up the summer months. Make sure to lotion up during your beach party so you don’t leave looking like a lobster. When you aren’t at the beach, you might be at some cool pool party with your bros talking about the latest sporting game and wrestling under water. Try to not wear yourself out from partying too much and remember once in a while to relax.

When the night hits, you’ll be gathering up all of your friends and heading over to the city. Filled with good food and your favorite people, you will for sure have a great time. Since you love a good party, the night doesn’t end until sunrise hits and you find yourself having a few deep conversations with newfound friends. You’ll probably find yourself waking up at a friend’s house or chilling on a floatie in the pool. Everyone knows you as the life of the party so be sure you don’t lose your title this summer!

Capricorn Woman: Hanging Out With Friends

Your summer vibe will be all about hanging out with your BFFs and having ultimate girl time. Whether you guys are going to a concert or just hanging out at each other’s place you will have a good time. The ultimate goal of a true friendship is having fun wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, and you guys totally have that bond! With only a few bucks, you guys are sure to figure out how to have the best time.

As your Zodiac sign is one of the most social and outgoing, it’s no wonder everyone flocks to you! Spend your summer hanging out with your closest girlfriends gossiping and bonding. Go back to your childhood roots and have water balloon fights, jump on trampolines, and get ice cream around your neighborhood.

It’s obvious that you and your friends don’t need much to have fun except for each other!

Everyone knows that the most fun time is with your best friends. So enjoy those moments and continue building the strong bonds between you and your friends. If you feel like you’re lacking your dream BFFs, do some activities to meet new people and create new connections. You never knew who your next partner in crime is going to be!

Capricorn Man: Becoming A Master Chef

As a Capricorn, you are always trying to figure out how to excel at your skills and what better trick to pick up than mastering cooking. Whether you’re trying to eat a more healthy diet, productively meal prep, or want to learn a few quick recipes, give cooking a try.

Picking up this new skill will make your life 10 times easier as you’ll finally have full control over what you’re putting into your body. Since humans eat roughly 3 times a day, you’ll have better control over your daily schedule and meals. Trust us when we say that cooking is one of the best habits you can pick up! You’ll be able to host dinners parties with your friends and family where you can show off your chef skills. Impress the people around you with complex recipes and foods you usually can only get eating out!

Base your cooking on the season by incorporating foods that are plentiful at the time with fresh vegetables and produce. If you become truly dedicated in the art, consider starting your own garden this summer to grow organic goods! Don’t forget that as the summer season comes around, BBQs will be all the rage so throw some parties. Another great idea is to call up your friends to join you on picnics at your nearest park and wow everyone with your impressive dishes!

Aquarius Woman: Amusement Parks, Concerts, And Fairs

Feel that warm summer breeze on your skin as you go down the biggest rollercoaster that you thought you would be too terrified to go on! Since your Zodiac basically believes that the summer season was built for you, prepare for months filled with adventures and fun!

Grab your friends and head over to the closest amusement parks to grab some cotton candy on a stick, jumbo hot dogs, and hop on some killer rides.

This is the perfect place to go to if you’re on a date or have a large group of people. Make sure you keep an eye out for your favorite bands and artists coming into town to truly make your summer magical. There is nothing better than dressing up in your best summer outfits covered in glitter and rocking out to your favorite tunes with a bunch of positive vibes all around you.

Don’t forget to stop by the local fair to truly get a bite of summer and everything it has to offer. From bobbing for apples to delicious candy apples, the fair is the perfect place to meet with people from your community and see what’s happening! Next time your bored at home, grab your friends and run over to the fair to have a good time.

Aquarius Man: Go On Adventures

As we long for the summer, we plan in our head all of the fun adventures we want to go on! Thankfully the warm weather lets us explore the outdoors even at night.

While many people think that exploring takes a ton of work, such as packing for a road trip, you as an Aquarius know its super easy. You can go alone, even though we recommend going with a group of friends to make much more memories! Put on some converse, and head out into your neighborhood and start exploring. That’s where the true adventure begins.

You never know what you will find, a haunted house, a secret beach, or your new favorite spot for some alone time! Going on adventures starts within yourself by deciding to let loose and explore a little. Jump out of your comfort zone and let yourself wonder wherever it takes you. Who knows what you’ll find, whom you’ll meet, or what you’ll learn. Sitting at home for the summer is totally not your style, so get out there and see what the world has to offer!

A good tip is to grab your phone with you in case you get lost, and a few bucks if you come across something cool you want to buy or even just some lemonade.

Pisces Woman: Taking The Most Amazing Photos

While we envy during the winter the celebs posting tropical social media photos, summer’s our moment to take some cool shots. Try to recreate some of your favorite photos by putting your own spin on it to show everyone what you’re up to this summer!

With the sun blaring, you have the perfect natural light source to illuminate you in the photos you capture. If you want a more vintage-Tumblr vibe, we recommend picking up a Polaroid camera to make your photos much more authentic. If you’re worried about how to upload your Polaroid photos to Instagram, simply just take a photo of them on a beachy background and post them! Voila, it’s super easy and artsy.

As everyone dreams to have an adventure filled summer, take photos of your exploration and show off your artsy side!

Even if you don’t find every minute of your day super fun, capture the best moments and show off to your friends! If you happen to feel stuck on some photo ideas, find your inspiration from those around you. You can almost create any illusion with a camera and some imagination. Take advantage of the summer scenery and get some amazing photos for your feed!

Pisces Man: Spending Weeks At The Cottage

With summer coming right along the corner, ditch your normal routine and run away to the cottage! Call up your family and friends and ask them to join you on some wonderful memories and experiences.

The cottage is the perfect place to go to run away from the constant buzzing of cities and jump out into the wild. With terrible cell-service, less air pollution, and no noise, you’ll be loving your decision to run away. The city can get pretty hectic and the cottage is the perfect place to distress and relax!

Fill your summer days working on activities outside such as jumping off the dock, kayaking, chopping wood, going on hikes, and reading on the hammock. Transition into the nights with huge bonfires roasting sausages and marshmallows while telling scary stories and looking up into the sky. You’ll be shocked as to how easily you’ll be able to see the stars out in the sky, and maybe you’ll be able to catch a shooting star. If you’re feeling risky, sneak out in the middle of the night and go swimming to truly get the night time experience at the cottage.

Summer is your time to let loose and have fun. Just don’t forget to de-stress and relax because you deserve it after the busy year!

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