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Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse Happening On July 27th: Let Go Of The Demons From Your Past

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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon on the 27th of July is subject to a complete lunar eclipse. The primary influencer being the planet Mars, and the event might cause psychological repercussions among many of us.

The toxicity of brute behavior is on the table because of Uranus. Saturn might succeed in relaxing tensions for a while. However, it is best to be prepared for emotional turmoil during this period.

You need to continue to believe in your self, and work hard for your relationships. This event is going to prey on your deeply embedded fears, but you must chin up and face them.

What Does This Eclipse Mean?

The focus on the moon is going to bring attention to your love life, friendships, and anything that you hold dear. Your privacy and your deepest emotions might turn topsy-turvy, at this point.

The erasing of the moon is actually symbolic of you letting go of your past demons and beginning afresh.

The Effect of Planets

The lunar eclipse at 04°44′ is only one degree away from being associated with Mars. So, it is obvious that the influence of the red planet will stand its ground during the event. While the location of Mars causes extreme bouts of aggression and tension, Saturn must work to appease the situation.

They are situated on the Head of the Sea Goat, a Capricorn Constellation. While some celestial beings can bring deep relaxation, trust, patient foresight, there are several others which might cause a significant amount of disruption in mental peace.

Moon And Mars

This period will ensure that you feel an upsurge of several emotions. The stronger emotive side will be brought to light. It can involve uplifting emotions such as pride, self-esteem, courage, et al, but it can also mean anger, rage, conflict, misunderstandings, and just a common lack of well-being.

In this scenario, it is better to weigh your steps before acting under any circumstance. Acting on impulse is going to land you in a complete mess. The sexual tension, and general form of rigid frustration is going to be heavy. But you must power through it with a calm and composed self. During the most trying times, it is best to even try to keep your head in place.

Other Effects

The Moon’s proximity to Uranus will lead to distinct anguish. This event can cause severe mood swings. There might be no logical connection between your cravings and your apparent distress. The process of subduing this is going to be hectic, and quite intense. Your rebellious spirit will not want to listen to the logical and rational part of your brain.

The Moon’s proximity with Saturn is the only credible source of calmness. You will rise up to look after your relationships and your familial matters.

The Head of The Sea Goat

Given the fact that our horoscopes were made two thousand years ago, the celestial entities have shifted about thirty degrees out of their original course. This contorts the constellations, and causes discrepancies.

The eclipse will be visible almost all over the globe, at varying points of time. Sticking mostly to the Equator, the places far out north or south might miss the glimpse of it.

It is not entirely impossible to maintain your emotional wellbeing during this period, even though it is considerably more difficult than other times. Trying times are due ahead, and it will be a significant test on your ability to withstand obstacles in your life. One must learn to mediate the forces around them, and this eclipse will give you ample opportunity to learn the same.

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