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The Mystery Of The Twin Flames Unity: Is It Real Or Just A Myth

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The physical plane of Earth is in the process of ascension. All of us are gearing up to raise ourselves to a higher level of consciousness and it is natural in such circumstances for the urge to reunite with your twin flames to become intense.

Our twin flames is our twin in every sense, we are of the same essence and the exact same vibration. It is just that our soul was divided into two halves at the moment of manifestation on this earth plane.

The Twin Flames will become reunited eventually, but for that to happen it is necessary that they resonate with each other perfectly. The Twin Flames is so powerful that it can burn a 9ft tall wall when it is ignited as compared to the 1/8th of an inch which is its average appearance.

For us to realize this potential, we need to retrace our steps back to Divine Love; the universal love for all beings, for ourselves and everything in existence. The only true love is the love which is unconditional. We as humans have expectations attached to our love and that is why it is not pure and doesn’t elevate our consciousness.

This is how our twin love should be. But often we are confused between our twin flames and our twin ray. The latter doesn’t match our exact frequency and thus cannot be a true twin, but part of the same ray that we belong to as well.

For example, people belonging to the blue ray would be each other’s twin rays, but all of them would be a slightly different shade of blue and thus not share exact vibrational frequencies.

Sometimes, a few souls decide to group together and manifest in one form. This has never happened in a human form but is not unheard of in other forms such as cetaceans. In the same way, it is also possible for one single soul to decide to split into more than one form. These are very rare cases and always have very strong and unavoidable purpose to achieve.

Twin flames reunions are not unheard of. But they are scarcely the fairytale romance that many people idolize them to be. In reality, these relationships can be the toughest and most difficult to handle, as per human terms.

The reality is, at the consciousness the physical plane, the true magic of this Divine Union can never be experienced. Twin flames relationships will never bring one the comfort and peace they envision. The reason is simple. These relationships are meant to challenge us, and help us achieve our greater consciousness.

Once we have ascended to the fifth plane, the whole process can start yet again. With twin rays and twin flames each; when a twin flames union has survived many centuries of these challenging spiritual nuptials they can also decide to bring forth smaller souls, as their children.

But remember, all of this starts with universal love and the love for your own self. Only if you can understand and love yourself unconditionally can you begin your journey towards your twin flames.

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