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7 Major Differences Between Those Who Truly Are Awakened, And Those Who Just Pretend To Be

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In the world, there are some people that are completely awakened, and it is quite apparent; however, the number of such people is very small.

Whatever the reason is, we possess that abundance of the ones that wish to pretend that they are awakened, refusing to see every light.

However, when we come to tell you about those fake gurus, we also have to know our place on a spiritual level. When we are not focused on our being, we are going to become the victim to the ones that only want make a profit from us.

Here are the seven differences between false awakened and real awakened people:

1. Real teachers will know which path is not for you.

The ones that are real teachers will not push you on the same path on which they were. They are aware that every person needs to make his or her personal path. The fake teachers are going to give you a ‘become awakened quick scheme,’ and they will also attempt shoving that down through your throat.

2. Real teachers live the best possible life.

So, real teachers are content and happy individuals with the person they are, as well as where they actually are. Also, they are quite aware of their purposes, and they don’t complain, as well as whine about something like the fake teachers do. These people are definitely more grounded and mature.

3. Real teachers will teach freedom and love on a true level.

These people will never ask you to be by them always, or also under their wing. In fact, they are aware that you have to follow your own path if it is the one on which your purposes take you. They are generous and kind, but they will not be underestimated. So, we can come or go as we like, if we do that in the proper way, with respect too.

4. Real teachers don’t want people’s money.

Those that are false teachers are going to charge others a lot of money, but they will give them a small amount in return. In fact, they would like to take everything they can, without carrying about those people. They also don’t care about other people’s spiritual journey because their own is a false one anyway.

5. They love when being criticized.

When people criticize them, they will not be shut down or also get mad. They are aware of the fact that nobody is perfect, so neither are they. Every one of us has some free space to grow in.

6. They will never rush people through things.

These people are aware that those around them do things at their own pace. So, some of them are going to become awake faster than other people. And, this is how our Universe works. The false teachers are always going to push us and try to convince us that we are doing much better than we are.

7. They are not materialistic or selfish.

Those that are true teachers always want to give to the best extent. However, the ones that are fake ones are also greedy, being unwilling to help other people like they are supposed to. The real teachers are going to be there every time someone needs them, while the false ones are going to ignore the calls.

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