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99-Year-Old Lady Made 1,000 Dresses for African Children

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Don’t you just love it when you read something so inspirational that it restores your faith in humanity?

This story is a clear-cut example of how love and compassion don’t know of limits, borders, race or even age!

Miss Lillian Weber is an amazing 99-year-old lady who will amaze you with her youthful spirit and vigor for life. She made her life goal to sew 1000 dresses for the poor girls in Africa before she turns 100.

However, On Thursday, March 12, 2015 she accomplished her goal, well before her self-set deadline.

But this hasn’t stopped Miss Weber who continues working through the Little Dresses for Africa” charity – an organisation that not only provides clothes for African children, but also helps the construction of schools and hospitals, and assists in the search for drinking water and digging wells.

99-Year-Old Woman Sews 1,000 Dresses For African Children

“Nine times out of ten, they always say, “Well old people don’t do anything,” but they do,” Weber told reporters.

“And as soon as I get this one done, I’ll probably go to the next one.”

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