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When It’s Time To Give Up On Your Twin Flame Runner

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are not just each other’s soul mates. They complete each other. Therefore it not surprising that a lot of importance is given to twin flames finding one another, which is highlighted when even the universe works to ensure that they do so. 

It is only natural that we think that we are fated to go after our twin flames. We see it as our responsibility and so we continue to run after them, even when they insist that they don’t want to be in a relationship. 

Pursuing a twin flame runner is not only tiring but also emotionally draining for the chaser. Going after a person who is determined to outrun them only ensures that the chaser is trapped in a pursuit that has no end. 

Sometimes it is best to let them leave and go about life meeting others who will make you happy. 

Moving On – Twin Flame Chaser

Entering into pursuit of your twin flame when they are running away will inevitably end in your tiring yourself out till you are ready to drop from exhaustion. 

You can try to compel them to be with you by thrusting your own feelings or insanity upon the person you think is your twin flame but you will never succeed. Love has to grow organically, on its own. You cannot try to enforce your own beliefs onto another person, hoping that they start thinking like you do, and hence, fall in love with you. This will only cause a lot of pain to everyone connected to you. 

When your twin flame has no desire to be with you, it is better to let them leave and go on with your life. 

There’s another soul mate waiting for you somewhere so you can try finding them and getting into a relationship that will be everything you want it to be. 

All you have to do is understand and accept that pursuing your twin flame has ended in you being emotionally and physically drained. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to let go. 

What is done is done and now you can concentrate on yourself. 

Denying A Twin Flame

Either one of you in a twin flame relationship might go through a phase in which you deny the existence of your connection. The twin flame going through this may not have understood that they have met their twin flame. But they’ll be experiencing all the passion and connection associated with a relationship and they might be too scared to delve into those feelings. 

Hiding away from their own emotions, they fear experiencing something that is so intense. It is easier from them to hide from the truth than to face it. 

How To Deal With Denial

When you are facing the prospect of your twin flame being in denial about their own emotions, do not bring them to the forefront of it. They’re clearly going through a lot of difficulty so give them some time and space to sort it all out. 

Maybe after they’ve had some time to think about the whole situation, they’ll be able to sort out the feelings associated with finding one’s twin flame and finally reach an understanding within their own heart and mind. Forcefully making them confront those emotions when they clearly have no desire to do so will only frustrate them and anger you. 

Therefore, be kind to your twin flame. When they are in denial but not running away from you, they are just overwhelmed and scared about this new relationship. They might not be on the same page as you are but if you are patient, they’ll get there soon enough. 

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