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5 Signs That Say You Are A Highly Sensitive And Powerful Empath

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths rock! They are people with special superpowers able to sense other people’s thoughts and emotions and connect with everything and everybody on such a deep level that it forms soul-to-soul connection.

These connections are of beautiful nature but sometimes they affect empaths in such a bad manner that it leaves them vulnerable and in excruciating emotional and mental pain (even physical at times).

And they would still gladly help us! This is why I say empaths are awesome and we need more of them in this world.

Along with this comes a greater understanding of their fellow human beings, and this ability makes them a magnet for people seeking support and understanding. It’s not really a problem since empaths find the greatest joy in helping others.

If you want to find out whether you or someone you know is an empath, here are 5 signs you need to look out for:

1. You can’t tolerate lies, intrigues and dishonesty 

Empaths have zero patience for lies and liars. Chances are, not only will they see right through your lies, but they will also sense your discomfort while you say it. It’s always better to be completely honest with them; they will appreciate it over anything else.

2. You are better off alone and avoid crowded places and events

Having the ability to sense the feelings of others can be pretty draining, and for this very reason empaths try and avoid crowds. Dealing with a single person’s emotions is taxing, but having to deal with a crowd could easily become overwhelming for them as each person will bring his/her own baggage of emotions. Thus crowds are avoided, and may give the impression that an empath is a loner. However, the people gravitating to their warmth makes this impression a false notion.

3. Helping others brings joy to your heart

As mentioned earlier, an empath feels the happiest when he/she is able to help. This process of helping and healing others is the greatest joy to them as others’ happiness will result in their happiness. It’s a form of non-selfish give and take. Just like other people’s pain saddens them. Similarly others relief and happiness makes them happier. You can find a great number of empaths working in the medical field, where they can help, heal and protect others.

4. There is not a single fake bone in your body

An empath can be nothing but authentic, and always by choice. When it comes to them, what you see is what they are. They never put up a false image for the society and their authenticity is what sets them apart. This honesty and the accompanying loyalty makes them the perfect confidante, friend and a support system. They are the best people to be around because they have no false airs and accept everyone as openly as they accept themselves.

5. You love animals and they love you back

This is a very special trait of the empaths; they connect beautifully with animals, a feat not every human being can accomplish. Maybe being true to their own self and possessing the ability to understand emotions, makes them even close to animals. Whatever be the case, an empath will easily connect with animals and their simple innocence. This will result in the animals loving them instantly.

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